Youth Desk Tennis instructions the Canarian group of Second B forward of Tabor Añavingo and Círculo

Youth Desk Tennis instructions the Canarian group of Second B forward of Tabor Añavingo and Círculo

Youth Desk Tennis instructions the Canarian group of Second B forward of Tabor Añavingo and Círculo

We start the weekly steadiness of regional desk tennis on this event which means that Desk Tennis Youth guidelines within the Canarian group of Second B, with six wins in seven video games. Undefeated are Tabor Añavingo, second, with 5 wins; and the Círculo de Amistad-Tenerife, third labeled, with 4 successes. It’s being a championship begin the place equality is the dominant pattern, which presages a future stuffed with feelings on this league.

The Circle is paid for the triple victory and maintains the undefeated condition

The Circle is paid for the triple victory and maintains the undefeated situation

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The scorers for final day had been: Prakan Icod-CDTM Adelantados-La Laguna, 3-4; Temespin Aluminum Cruz-Taoro Desk Tennis, 1-5; Temespin Agrovial Consultants-Taoro Desk Tennis, 5-1; Tabor Añavingo-Celada TM, 5-1; CD Dédalos TM Santa Cruz-Círculo de Amistad Tenerife, 1-5; and Youth Desk Tennis-College of La Laguna TM, 4-2.

FIRST.- Within the Males’s First Division, fourth group, the La Palma groups Temespin Los Llanos de Aridane and TM Defensa La Palma had no luck of their double journey to the Peninsula. The markers had been: Karting Granada Vegas del Genil-Temespin Los Llanos de Aridane, 6-0; La Torreta Desk Tennis-TM Protection-La Palma, 4-3; Los Llanos de Aridane, 4-2; and The Photo voltaic World Stain ABTM-TM Protection-La Palma, 4-3. TM Defensa La Palma is in sixth place with two wins and two losses, whereas Teneguía Frutas Olivar is ninth, with two wins and three losses. Temespin Los Llanos closes the desk, which has not but received after six celebrated dates.

Within the sixth group, the Círculo de Amistad-Tenerife continues because the undefeated chief after 5 days. Whereas CTM Tabor Añavingo is third, with one loss in 5 video games. The figures for the weekend had been as follows: CTM Paco Flor Jerez-CTM Tabor Añavingo, 2-4; CD Dédalos TM Santa Cruz-CD Hidra Los Realejos, 4-2; CTM Bahía de Cádiz-Círculo de Amistad Tenerife, 1-5; Guadalsem Amigos TM Lebrija-CD Temegueste Desk Tennis, 6-0; and Círculo Mercantil Industrial de Sevilla-CD Tenis de Mesa Temegueste, 6-0. Antepenultimate is the Daedalus, with a win. Hidra and Temegueste shut the desk, which haven’t but added this marketing campaign.

MONDAY.- Group 12 of the Males’s Second Division continues to be led by the Círculo de Amistad-Tenerife, which has not but yielded: 5 video games and 5 wins. With 5 victories, however with yet another match, Desk Tennis Protection D Breña Alta is second. The markers of the final disputed date had been: CD Peña de La Amistad-Círculo de Amistad-Tenerife, 1-5; Temespin Los Llanos de Aridane B-CTM Acoroma de Candelaria, 4-2; Desk Tennis Protection D Breña Alta-CTM Acoroma de Candelaria, 4-3; Yacal Sports activities Membership-Acoroma Desk Tennis Membership, 3-4; Membership Deportivo de Ajedrez Henar y sus Dragones-Grateme Óptica Sedano, 4-2; CTM Tabor Añavingo-CD Prakan del Norte de Tenerife, 4-2; and Arucas Desk Tennis-Acoroma Desk Tennis Membership, 4-2.

THIRD.- Hidra Los Realejos and Universidad de La Laguna TM stand out on the head of the primary group of the Tercera de Tenerife, with six wins in seven dates. These two groups will meet subsequent weekend. The markers of the final day performed had been: CD Hidra Los Realejos A-CTM Agache El Escobonal B, 5-1; CD Hidra Los Realejos C-CD Dédalos Vets., 1-5; Grateme Tenerife Sur B-Prakan Garachico A, 3-4; College of La Laguna TM-Grateme Tenerife Sur B, 5-1; and CTM Tabor Añavingo-CTM Adelantados-Laguna, 4-2.

Within the second group, the victory of CD Hidra Los Realejos B over CTM Acoroma B by 4-3 permits them to distance themselves on the high of the rival desk. These from the north of Tenerife at the moment are the only real leaders with six wins, whereas these from Candelaria are second after dropping their undefeated standing. The opposite markers from final weekend are: CTM Temebargran-CD Dédalos Prinx, 4-2; Grateme Tenerife Sur A-Tabor Somosidentidad, 4-2; and CTM Agache El Escobonal A-Prakan Garachico B, 6-0.

Coop Plátanos Teneguía and TM Defensa Atlético dominate the Tercera de La Palma, undefeated with three wins. The primary come from defeating Juventud TM by 4-2 and the second from doing the identical in opposition to TM Protection C by 3-4. This previous weekend the stake was additionally held: CD Teneguía C-TM Protection Base, 4-2.

The Third of Gran Canaria performed its second day: CD Sardina B-CD Yacal Megaprint, 0-6; CD Sardina A-Ire Consulting, 4-2; and CD Sardina C-CD Yacal GC 0-6.

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