“Why are they going to drop me 4 video games if the gesture was for Xavi?”

“Why are they going to drop me 4 video games if the gesture was for Xavi?”

The Barcelona striker Robert LewandowskiDespatched off by referee Jesús Gil Manzano throughout the match in opposition to Osasuna, he doesn’t perceive that he could possibly be sanctioned for a gesture he made earlier than leaving the sector of play and that the referee mirrored within the minutes.

“As soon as expelled and when he was heading in the direction of the exit of the sector, the participant twice made a gesture of disapproval of the referee’s choice, consisting of put the finger to the nostrilafter which pointing with the thumb in the direction of the referee. When he was about to depart the sector of play, he repeated the gesture once more wanting on the assistant referee No. 1 and in entrance of the fourth referee “, collects the minutes signed by Gil Manzano.

After accumulating in Barcelona the Golden BootAs the most effective scorer within the European leagues final season, Lewandowski declared that he wouldn’t perceive if he was sanctioned, past his expulsion for a double yellow card, and clarified that in no case was the gesture directed on the referee, the road decide or to the fourth official.

“Why are 4 video games going to fall to me if the gesture wasn’t directed on the line or the referee? The gesture I made wasn’t directed on the fourth referee both, it was for Xavi (Hernández, his coach),” he defined.

On this regard, Barça’s ‘9’ defined that a couple of days in the past the squad spoke with the coach about having be careful for a second yellow throughout matches if he had already been cautioned.

“That is why I addressed him (Xavi) when it occurred, remembering what we had talked about final week and it had simply occurred, that was the sensation I conveyed. I admit my mistake for the foul, even for the yellow card“, he insisted.

Lewandowski welcomed the nice response of the azulgran workforcea, who turned the match round on the Sadar (1-2) to stay the chief of LaLiga.

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