Who is Wu Yibing, junior champion Medvedev US Open 2022

Who is Wu Yibing, junior champion Medvedev US Open 2022

Disappeared from the face of the Earth. When one consults the news referring to Wu Yibing between 2019 and 2022 he meets the most absolute nothingness and, what is more incredible, this seemed to have gone unnoticed by the tennis world. He made history in the junior category by becoming number 1 in the world and proclaiming himself champion in the US Open Junior 2017. It was the goose that lays the golden eggs for an ATP eager for a player from the Asian giant to stand out, with the exponential growth that this could give tennis in a market of 1.4 billion people.

He looked shyly at 2018 and tried to get out of his comfort zone and the secrecy of his country, hiring Sven Groeneveld, a world reference on the bench, who left him because he considered that his mother had too much influence on him. A serious elbow injury and the pandemic caused his name to be diluted in the nebula of time, but the time has come US Open 2022where it is shining with its own light and will be measured in the third round at Daniel Medvedev.

A serious right elbow injury and the pandemic prevented it from hatching before

Infinite potential, variety of shots and an enviable physique season the recipe for the success that he flaunts in his racket Wu Yibing. Stripped of the media pressure, at least at an international level, from other of his contemporaries, the Chinese has been completely isolated from the circuit due to the concatenation of a serious physical problem, even having to remove a part of the bone of his right elbow, and to the global coronavirus pandemic, which prevented it from leaving China’s borders during 2020 and 2021.

This is attested to by his ATP profile, where not a single competition appears in these years. However, he took advantage of the time to recover well and train intensely, as evidenced by the fact that he reappeared in February as world number 1,749 and, just six months later, was in the third round in reddened meadows and chain a winning streak of 15 games. Trained by the Argentine Gerardo AzcurraThis young man with an innate ability to accelerate the ball with his drive has three ATP Challenger Tour titles (Orlando, Rome and Indianapolis) to which must be added the merit of overcoming the preliminary phase in New York and sweeping Basilashvili, as well as knowing suffer before Borges.

Wu Yibing is trained by Argentine Gerardo Azcurra

In this new stage he has already beaten three top-100 tennis players, such as the aforementioned Nikoloz, Gojowzyck and Thompson. His confidence is through the roof and he now has the enormous challenge of measuring himself against Daniel Medvedev. “I feel that I have the level to be here and I think I will reap more successes like this week. I really enjoy this sport and I want to be an inspiration for many Chinese children to play tennis,” says a man who, with this performance, He has assured to enter among the 130 best in the world, establishing himself as the best Chinese tennis player in history. “I’m not going to celebrate anything, the tournament is not over and I just want to focus on my next rival,” he said. Wu Yibingundaunted by his deed and already focused on what he can do against the number 1 in the world. Ideal context and scenario in the US Open 2022 to show how far you can go.

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