“We have more staff than last season”

“We have more staff than last season”

08/30/2022 at 00:15


The Barça coach stressed that his team played “a very serious game” in the final of the Supercopa de Catalunya

“I am happy, because we have achieved the first goal of the season”, said Fàbregas (MVP)

Barça has played a very complete match this Monday to lift their tenth Supercopa de Catalunya with a clear 44-30 victory against Fraikin Granollers, who have already accumulated ten runner-up finishes in the ten editions played.

The Barça coach Charles Ortega ended up quite satisfied with the performance of its players without ever losing a critical and demanding spirit that was key in the ascending line that led the team to win six of the seven possible titles, including the Champions League.

“It was our most serious game of the summer.. We were training very well, but in the pre-season games we have slowed down a bit. Seeing stars like Dika or Ludo throw themselves for a ball helps, is contagious and says a lot about the team. I am satisfied in general terms, although in the second half we exchanged goals too much and against the attack against an open defense we had some problems”, commented the man from Malaga.

The former Dream Team player believes that the team has improved in the transfer market. “On paper we have a bigger squad than last season, but we have to show that on the court. Hampus (Wanne) is a great scorer and a great finisher who has to improve in the defensive system, Emil (Nielsen) is a great goalkeeper and jonathan (Carlsbogard) is a great defender. I am sure that he will defend at the level of Ali Zein last season and he has to give us a plus in attack to enrich us more”, he reflected.

Carlsbogard is one of the Barça signings


Ortega is clear that this season will be “business as usual. A club like Barça is obliged to try to fight for everything. The common dream is to win it all, but the reality is very difficult. We have a more difficult start to the Champions League than last season and then the Super Globe makes us very excited, but it is the most complicated in recent times”.

Finally, referred to his new ‘second’, the Russian Konstantin Igropulo. “Apart from the fact that he can help me tactically and on a day-to-dayAbove all, I am looking for a more current link with the players. Entering the dressing room last season for the staff was not easy for many reasons and someone who recently stopped playing and who has a direct line with the players can be very positive. I’ve also had him as a player, we think the same way and he comes from winning a Cup in Russia as a coach,” he added.

MVP of the final with nine goals from 10 pitches, Ludovic Fàbregas officially opened his last season at Barça at a great level. “We have enjoyed a lot. We wanted to play an official match and we have done very well. Last week against Esplugues it was more a match to finish the preseason and we have already seen a Barça with desire, we are satisfied and now, for the League that we started this Saturday,” said the Frenchman.

Fàbregas completed a masterful performance. And they go…


“It was important to rest during the holidays. That allows us to return with more desire, with more motivation and we have all worked this summer to reach the preseason in the best possible shape. I’m happy, because the first objective of the season was to win this final and this first title. This gives confidence and I will continue working to help the team win all the titles”, continued one of the best pivots on the planet.

Despite the constipation that has dragged on in recent days, ‘Ludo’ was powerful and lethal. “My son is sick and I have a bit of a cold, but I’m fine. I’ve worked a lot this summer, like the whole team, to get to the start of preseason in the best possible way. I am every day in the gym and on the track giving everything and I hope to maintain this level throughout the season,” he added.

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