was accused of receiving favorable treatment from the referees

was accused of receiving favorable treatment from the referees

Rafael Nadal returned to the tracks with a hard-fought win against Hijikata. The Australian put him in more trouble than expected but the Spaniard knew how to recover and add a victory in the first round of the US Open. The most striking part of the game came at the subsequent press conference.

During the journalists’ questions, one of them asked him a question that surprised to the winner of Roland Garros and the open australia. What’s more, she left him stunned and forced him to give a clear and forceful answer.

Said journalist relied on the broadcast of the match and the ccomments from John McEnroe to ask him about his excessive time when it comes to doing your time. It is well known that Nadal takes his seconds to perform his services and for which he has received many warnings throughout his career.

And the response of the current three in the world could not be more forceful. “It’s a joke right? I have received many warnings in my career for this. I have the problem that I sweat a lot and in humid conditions like today, that’s even worse “, he answered in the first instance.

Now the ballboys can’t give you the towelso I have to go to a remote place to pick it up. It’s it’s been gone a long time and I don’t go as often as I need,” he continued, expanding on the matter.

Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz in Indian Wells

However, the journalist was not happy with his words and decided to cross-examine. And there Nadal was much more forceful, who did not hold anything back and was sincere and clear.

I do not receive favor treatment from anyoneI follow the rules and if I go over 25 seconds they give me a warning”, he settled, but not before thanking him for the question and assuring that John McEnroe would have a conversation later.

In the second round, Nadal will have to face Fabio Fognini. The Italian had to come back from a tough match against Aslan Karatsev in five sets (1-6 5-7 6-4 6-1 6-4).

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