UEFA today announces sanctions for breaching Financial Fair Play

UEFA today announces sanctions for breaching Financial Fair Play

La UEFA plans to announce this afternoon the list of 10 clubs that did not comply with the Financial Fair Play and that have accepted the conciliation act with the highest international organization to assume the economic sanctions. In this first list is the juventusthat despite accepting UEFA as the regulator of the competition, maintains a struggle in the European Justice with said body regarding the super league. A decision that has surprised most of the clubs. They have also accepted the sanction, and therefore they will not appeal to the European Justice, the PSG, Olympique de Marseille, Monaco (France), Milan, Rome and Inter (Italy), although the latter two will in principle have a sporting sanction in addition to an economic one, Besiktas (Turkey), and Anderleth (Belgium). Therefore, there is no Spanish club on this list nor from the Premier League.

Regarding the 21-22 season, UEFA is going to announce the 19 clubs that must correct their accounts and that are therefore at high risk of breaching Financial Fair Play. There is a deadline until October to avoid a sanction. Barcelona is not on this list of 19 eitherbut that it is at risk given that it has made significant losses in the last two seasons. Once the club closes the accounts, we will have to wait to see if it negotiates with UEFA a possible sanction for breaching Fair Play or decides to stand up to Aleksander Ceferin.

UEFA rules only allow losses of 30 million euros over three years, but clubs can deduct Covid-related losses, depreciation and youth or women’s football from that figure. This rule will change from the next campaignin which clubs will be limited to spending a percentage of their revenue in a calendar year on player salaries, transfers and agent fees. Revenue from the sale of players will allow clubs to spend more, but transfer revenue will be averaged over the previous six years.

UEFA soften the new limit, being 90% the limit for 2023, 80% for 2024 and only 70% from 2025. Clubs may have losses of 60 million euros in the last three seasons, instead of the current 30 million.

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