The youth of encouragement – Faro de Vigo

The youth of encouragement – Faro de Vigo

Coreti Balonmán Lalín begins the season today in the First Division. It does so starting at 8:30 p.m., receiving the Seis do Nadal at the Lalín Arena pavilion. This will be the first step in a season in which José Luis Pedreira “Budi” will continue to be the coach of a team marked by youth. He has an average age of 20 years and will also be reinforced with players raised from the youth team.

The Coreti Lalín is formed this year by Belén Silva, Natalia González, Celia Pedreira, Sandra Blanco, Tania García, Alba Mariño, Raquel Blanco, Paula Abeledo, Mencía Payo, Elianny Santana and Antía González, as members of the first team, who are to add the additional quota made up by Nuria López, Iria Sierra, Micaela Corrales, Lidia Sandá, Alicia Pose and Claudia Novoa.

Budi pointed out that this team, for yet another year, has lost important players, such as Julia, Zaida or Laura – the latter has not yet been completely ruled out. On the contrary, they recover Belén Silva, who will also be in charge of physical preparation. At 27 years old, she is the oldest player on the team, followed by Natalia with 25. After them, all of them are 21 years old or younger. “That youth has its good things and its bad things but they also make an effort to be here. Eight or nine of them come to train from Santiago and three from Ourense”, explained Budi. “It’s something common in academy teams like ours. There are players who leave and others come up from below. Sometimes that leaves you with a very young team.”

Budi considers that his first objective should be to “mature”, both at a sporting and physical level. Later, he recognizes that getting into the phase for promotion to Silver would be something nice, although complicated against rivals whose objective is to ascend and who are reinforced with signings. “Women’s handball still needs that locomotive to pull it like the first men’s team does”.

Whatever happens this season, the coach from Dezano looks optimistically at the future of women’s handball in Lalín; because of the number of girls in their schools, the quality of many of these young women and the fact that they have great players scattered throughout Spain who could one day return home to form a team to fight for everything.


On the other hand, David Failde Fuentes, a player from Balonmán Lalín, and Roi González, a player from Balonmán Rodeiro now in the ranks of Teucro, have been summoned to participate in some technical training sessions organized by the Spanish Handball Federation for generations born in 2005 and 2006. They will be held in the Sierra Nevada CAR from September 07 to 14.

In the same sense, nine children and youth players of the Lalín Handball are summoned for a concentration that will take place on Sunday in the Coto Ferreiro pavilion of A Estrada. They are Iria Sierra, Miguel López, Ainara Pérez, Manuel Souto, José Enrique Portas, Daniela Wolfswinkel, Luis Martínez and Martín Vázquez, in addition to Failde himself.

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