The Uneatlantico Pereda couldn’t with a strong Lobas World Atac

The Uneatlantico Pereda couldn’t with a strong Lobas World Atac

On Saturday, September 10, in La Albericia the Nationwide Week “Ladies and Handball”. A complete of eight girls’s handball matches of as much as 4 completely different groups and classes had been performed all through the day. The occasion closed with the Gold Honor Division duel between the Uneatlantico Pereda and Lobas World Atac Oviedo with a results of 23-35 favorable to the Asturians.

The match started earlier than the scheduled time and with a partial favorable to Santander. Nevertheless, the Asturian girls had been going to stage the match rapidly. It was a begin with many inaccuracies. First by Uneatlantico Pereda who punished Lobas World Atac on the counterattack. Later it was the other and that allowed them to return to the equalizer of six objectives, which pressured the visiting coach to request time-out.

The scoring rhythm dropped when the equator of the primary act was crossed. On account of completely different circumstances, from an extended cross from mere mariana up, we noticed the goalkeeper’s purpose to make it 7-6. The equality would proceed till the final minutes of the primary half the place the Asturians pressed the accelerator punishing the losses of the Pereda ladies. They had been up 5 although the rating at halftime was 11-15.

Already within the second half, Uneatlantico Pereda tried to cut back variations based mostly on claw. They had been accusing casualties and it was noticeable on the observe. Even so, the Pereda ladies fought to the tip. They had been moments of rigidity with a number of exclusions for each groups that diminished the tempo of the sport. It was very troublesome to get into the match because of the Asturian girls’s iron protection.

Within the following minutes the match was determined because the yellows couldn’t cease the tempo of the Lobas World Atac. What final week was a fair duel, this was not the case, sadly for the viewer. Even so, the Pereda ladies stored combating searching for enhancements in different ideas. With the results of 23-35 The sport and the Nationwide Week “Girl and Handball” and the fifth pre-season match of Uneatlantico Pereda ended.


UNEATLANTICO PEREDA(23): Sara Magdalena(1), Silvia Magdalena(1), Lara Gómez(1), Candela Gómez(4), Sara Fernández(2), Camila Bonazzola(3), Nerea Solares(4), Natalia López, Marián Mera(1 ), Natalia Menezo(5), Isaura Menin, Emma Brajkovic(1), Lydia Bouzgarrou, Pilar Vicente, Duna López. Coach: Fran Martin.

LOBAS GLOBAL ATAC OVIEDO(35): Aida Palacio(4), Celia Rojo, Andrea Zulet(4), Miriam Cortina(5), Amaia Arróniz, Brenda Torres(1), Teresa Rodríguez(7), Ariadna Molina(4), Inés Suárez, Julia Suárez(3 ), Elsa Martín(1), Carmen García-Calvo(6), Dahiana Sánchez. Coach: Manolo Diaz.

REFEREES:. Millan Fernandez and Diego Ruiz. Locals Camila Bonazzola, Lara Gómez, Pilar Vicente and Isaura Menin and guests Miriam Cortina and Brenda Torres had been excluded. In addition they expelled the native Emma Brajkovic.

PARTIALS: 2-1, 4-5, 6-6, 8-8, September 11, 11-15. Relaxation. 14-18, 17-20, 17-23, 19-28, 22-31, 23-35. Remaining.

INCIDENTS: Pleasant match performed within the Out of doors Pavilion of La Albericia with round 200 spectators within the stands.

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