“The press, to which you lose two games, throws you down”

“The press, to which you lose two games, throws you down”

After lose in the second round of US Open against Croatian Petra Martic, Paula Badosa attended Eurosport to give her impressions about the match and about a season that has been difficult for her. “Honestly, I don’t know what it looked like from the outside. I haven’t played that bad. I think she has played the perfect match, especially on serve. And from then on, I was already very much in tow with mine, with a lot of pressure. When I managed to subtract, I tried to play the point, but that type of player doesn’t let you even if you subtract. He is a tricky opponent, because he doesn’t give you rhythm and with your serve you have that extra pressure”.

The Catalan does not feel comfortable in the American tournament: “I don’t want to repeat it, but I don’t like the conditions here at all. So, I don’t know if it’s a game to forget or to learn, from which I’m sure I’ll get positive things”. Badosa believes that he needs to regain his self-confidence and criticizes the way he is treated by the media. “I have to recover the spirit of competitiveness, the claw, the tranquilityin quotes, that I had, the confidence in myself, that goes away when you don’t win, because you are demanding, and because the press, to which you lose two games, throws you down. That is very difficult to carry. It has been a year with new things and experiences for me”.

However, Paula is satisfied with the way she is leading her career and believes that her fortune is lacking: “I keep working and training just as well, but luck also counts. When it was good, like in Sydney and Indian Wells, the ball to the line entered with 5-5 and now it enters the other with the rod. There are so many external factors, that I can only continue and wait for my moment, which will surely come to me”.

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