The Lucentum fires its last great idol through the back door

The Lucentum fires its last great idol through the back door

Pedro Llompart runs the ball up while looking for a passing option during a game.

End bland, ungrateful, unfair, undeserved. false startignoble, forced, pushed, through the back door. Sad final point, more than bearable, goodbye to the last great figure of basketball in Alicante in the worst way imaginable: through a lukewarm, terse, inanimate statement, devoid of any institutional dignity. The HLA unilaterally rescinded last night the remaining year of his contract Peter Llompartthe last survivor of a lineage of lucentinos that disappears with him.

«The Lucentum Alicante informs that Pedro Llompart will not continue in the club next season. From Lucentum we want to show our gratitude to Pedro Llompart for the professionalism and dedication shown during the time he has been part of the club, being a fundamental player in the sporting growth of the entity in recent years ». With those words he finished the club that he now directs in his sports field Luis Arbalejo the contractual link with the Majorcan point guard.

Almost three months after the end of the League, the club ends the second stage of the game director who has played the most games with the Lucentum shirt: 214 according to official statistics. 72 of them he has played in the three campaigns he has completed in Alicante after joining a project in 2019 for which he gave up trying to gain purchasing power in another destination to return home and contribute to the rebirth of the club of his life.

In the arid text in which the termination of Llompart is announced, the reasons why the entity that now manages Daniel Adrianola breaks the agreement with the player, who was already fully recovered from the physical discomfort that prevented him from playing the final stretch of the regular phase after, of his own free will, forcing himself into a league match –bypassing medical advice– in order to help the team to reach a goal that would have become impossible without him: qualifying for the «play-off».

Pedro Llompart, who has not been beaten on the pitch by any Lucentian base despite his four decades lived, not even the youngest, is not included in the plans of the new sports management and that is why the unilateral decision has been made to liquidate the year that still remained as a professional. The team, which Today, Thursday, the medical examinations begin.start working with the new technician, Rafael Monclovathat it will not have the last great idol of the CT stands on the parquet, the man who was able to put it on its feet when the pride of belonging was a differential value.

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