The difficult year of Jon Rahm

The difficult year of Jon Rahm

With a +1 to -11, in no man’s land (15th), Jon Rahm concluded the Tour Championship, the PGA final, on Sunday. The performance of the Biscayan, prolific Thursday and Friday, erratic on Saturday and the last day, was a bit like his season: an accumulation of sensations that is difficult to gauge.

Strictly speaking, it can be said that it is his most discreet season on the North American circuit since 17/18. In his second full card year he won one tournament and was top-10 in four others. In 16/17 his numbers were a victory and 11 top-10; on 18/19, one and 12; on 19/20, two and eight; in 20/21, one (the US Open) and 15. On the other hand, he has maintained the winning streak, and it’s been six years in a row with at least one title, in this case the Mexico Open.

But in the big ones he has another must, and that is that it is the first time since 2017 that he has not managed to finish in the top ten in any of them (last year it was in all four). When it seemed that he could have opened the can in that aspect, he has stopped. He, too, is no longer in contention for number one in the ranking, which he held for so long, when he did not attack. That said, bitter taste.

Going to the statistics, he is still an absolute elite off the tee, a section that he has led with 1,025 strokes won. His approach to the green (from 8º to 38º) and his short game have suffered a lot.or (from 42º to 143º). Kicking he has lived through dark days, but overall he has finished among the top 30 on the tour (28th). The good news: He remains a shot-taking machine (7th in scoring) and a top golfer from tee to green (12th).

personally Mercy has experienced the arrival of his second son, Eneko, and has been a discreet voice in the confrontation between LIV and PGA and DP World Tour. His most heartfelt statements about the matter were made at the British Open, when he lamented the loss of players like Sergio García facing the Ryder, whose classification could be complicated next season due to the new commitment of the great PGA players to play at least 20 tournaments per course. To Europe he will return in the fall. He will appear at the PGA European Championship in Wentworth (September 8-11) and at the Spanish Open (October 6-9) in Madrid.

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