The baby that Mery Perelló and Rafa Nadal are expecting could be premature: “They have assumed it”

The baby that Mery Perelló and Rafa Nadal are expecting could be premature: “They have assumed it”

Mery Perelló, Rafa Nadal’s wife, continues to be admitted to the Quirónsalud Palmaplanas Hospital in Palma de Mallorca. businesswoman needs to be watched due to being in the 31st week of pregnancy, which is why will continue hospitalized, at least, until week 34, “keeping rest”.

This is stated by the journalist Vanesa Sánchez in The reasonwhich indicates that, in case of being discharged before giving birth, the idea is that Nadal’s wife stays in the house of Maribel, the tennis player’s sister, who has her residence in Palma.

According to the same information, doctors, although they do not see an alarming situation in this case, they do want the baby to continue gaining weight. In addition, the future parents would already have “taken” that the pregnancy will not come to term and that the baby will be premature.

Meanwhile, the tennis player has not returned to Spain, since continues in the United States disputing the US Openwhich would reveal that his wife is out of danger. Of course, if things change, it is not ruled out that the Manacorí leaves the tournament to be close to his girl.

For their part, it seems that Rafa Nadal and Perelló’s family are angry because this medical process has been leaked to the press, and now they are trying to find the “hole” among the staff of this private clinicas reported The reason.

Sports journalist Lucía Villalón is an ambassador for Vitamin Well drinks.

According to the aforementioned media, they would be launching different information, such as the possible transfer of the businesswoman to another clinic, to see if they find out who has been the ‘mole’.

The truth is that the Nadal-Perelló family have always displayed their discretion and, in fact, the confirmation of the pregnancy was given after some exclusive photos in a magazine. For this reason, the couple’s family has also tried to avoid the cameras at the hospital, entering through the parking lot private.

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