Spain Women’s National Team: Jorge Vilda: “The locker room codes have been transgressed”

Spain Women’s National Team: Jorge Vilda: “The locker room codes have been transgressed”

Jorge Vilda broke the silence -his and the concentration of the Spanish team in this window- to denounce that the locker room ethic has been broken and ensure that it is strong enough to continue leading women’s football in the Federationwhose contract expires in 2024.

“It is a week, a strange situation, a feeling of disappointment for what we are experiencing, it is a situation where the codes of sport, of the locker room have been transgressed and that disappoints me because the women’s football final is the focus of something that is not exclusively football, the shine of our players or the game we have tomorrow [por el viernes] and that is a bit of the anger I have”, he assured in the microphones of RTVE.

The coach wanted to thank the support that the RFEF has shown towards him at all times, extending his thanks to other football sectors. “But on the other hand, all the strength, all the desire to continue, to play tomorrow’s game, especially for the support I have received from all of Spanish football, for all the messages that I will answer when I pass this concentration to all my friends. , colleagues, coaches, players from whom I have received messages, and above all the support of the Federation, the president, the entire Board of Directors that is with us, with the coaching staff, with me and that also comforts me a lot”, he explained. .

The coach did not want to further influence what he has experienced this week and focused on the matches that the team must face against Hungary and Ukraine on Friday and next Tuesday respectively. “Follow training hard every day and that is a sign that they are eager to play tomorrow and that reassures me. The focus is not only on sports and you have to be very professional to know how to differentiate it and they are showing it in the With the desire to work day by day, to continue building a powerful team, to fight against the great powers and achieve an immaculate classification because winning these two games [ante Hungra y Ucrania] we would have won all eight. Now we have 45 goals for, 0 against, some extraordinary numbers and we want to clarify and finish this classification perfect”, he concluded in his speech on public television.

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