Sevilla FC: Monchi shelves the market: “We haven’t hit any lurch”

Sevilla FC: Monchi shelves the market: “We haven’t hit any lurch”

men the Seville It has become customary for the sports director to face publicly. Monchi has appeared this midday, closing day of the transfer market, before the media to explain how the summer has been in terms of Sevilla, with six additions to date, after the last two of Januzaj and Dolberg. Let it be understood that the template is closed, but with a free card, everything is possible. “There are 10 hours left until the market closes and it is always said that there are possibilities. If there is nothing that we think is something out of the ordinary, the squad is what it is, the one we have now, and it is the one we trust. He is going to fight for the objectives that the club sets itself. It is a template that will go further. It will grow over the weeks. There are players with room for growth. We are going to give this group the confidence it deserves”, revealed the sports director, who shelved the market, with a card still free.

How has the market been?

“I said in my speech in Faithful of Nervión which was the most exciting market I could remember. I was loaded with that illusion. I knew that complicated and unintelligible decisions were going to be made. We, in the last two and a half years, partly because of this pandemic, the club, being even more ambitious or daring than other times, we have separated from our business model. We have risked rejecting offers and betting on a possibility that would allow us sporting and economic success in the future. We took risks because we had assets to sell. The market was that. Market readjust economy. With the sale of Diego Carlos and KoundéIn addition to other outputs, we have made a market of quite interesting outputs to readjust those numbers. At the same time, that template had to be rebuilt. We have been able to rejuvenate the workforce. And the times are not managed by you and by the market. The note does not matter if I put it. The note will be posted at the end of the year with the results.”

How is Monchi?

“I am a passionate guy. I live this in a different way. I am not going to change at 53 years old. I have been in the world of football at Sevilla for 34 years. I am well and happy. Fundamentally because there is little left for the market to close… (laughs). We have not hit any lurch. We’ve done what we wanted. There will be people who like it and others who don’t. With a point of nine and that buzz… We’ve done what we wanted to do“.

end of market madness

“The market usually goes crazy in the last ten or fifteen days. Football institutions must sit down and talk that the market cannot be open with open leagues. I think that once the teams start to compete the market must be closed because the teams make rash decisions based on the first results.”

Doubts with the signings and the times

Tanguy was the first option of the sports management. If Bayern ask me 30 millionSo I don’t pay them. I am going to negotiate to pay what it cost me, which was 16. Time is an advantage in finding prices. In the market you have to know how to play with the times. This sports direction has a history. When the conditions of Isco or Januzaj they have adjusted to what he wanted Seville is when we have gone for those players. Januzaj has also been signed due to the withdrawal of Tecatito and the departure of Ocampos“.

soap opera ocampos

“We received an offer at the beginning of the week for Lucas. Important interest from Ajax. We started a negotiation with cross offers. We reach an agreement in good conditions for all parties. With the urgency of the closing of the market the player traveled. The surprise was that on Tuesday night we were told that the Ajax board of directors did not see the viable transfer. Understand the situation. We look for a solution in which all parties feel more comfortable. We started a new negotiation in other concepts. Lucas was in Amsterdam having said goodbye. Without being the initial operation, at least we found a way where all parties were satisfiedwithout experiencing a very uncomfortable situation for the player. It is the first time in my life that I have experienced something like this and it has been reacted in the best possible way.”

Relationship with Lopetegui

“I get tired of speaking well of Julen. We get along very well. We are two visceral guys and sometimes we collide. The coaches tell me the profiles and the Sports Directorate puts the names. When there has been a name of the coach that agrees with our idea, well all better. I believe in Lopetegui. That the template goes to more is going to be better for the coach”.

Dolberg signing

“We tested Dolberg in the winter. Now he could go out. I personally love Dolberg and responds to the profile that the coach wanted. If we activate the purchase option, he will sign for five years. As we also had in our portfolio lucas boye. Fraud Thomas Raul There’s been a lot of talk, but we haven’t made a move.”

External criticism of his figure

“I am worried that my team will criticize me. That falls within the salary. Even that they can criticize me from the other team in the city, which I see as logical and normal. People who do not know or know me, nor my day to day, nor what I feel, nor what I suffer…. What I did in Almería is a performance driven by my sevillismo. Is it okay for me to do it? There will be people who like it or not. Monchi sometimes acts more with his heart than with his head. It made me angry to see that 600 sevillistas hurt. And also that dressing room so hurt that they have given us glory. I didn’t want them to leave with that feeling and try to bond. People who think it’s posturing really matter to me zero. My virtue and my defect is the same: I am a Sevilla fan”.

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