Regional Soccer, Preferential Regional, group 3, Belchite 2-0 Escalerillas

Regional Soccer, Preferential Regional, group 3, Belchite 2-0 Escalerillas

Belchite 97: David, Rodríguez, Candau, Rey, Ambroj (Hugo, 70), Alfonso (Patrick, 89), Diego (Bailo, 80), Elías (Álvarez, 90), Tolo, Cabrero and Alloza (Carbó, 90).

ladders: Lorente, Ballestero, Campos, Roche, Pablo, Gilson (Fron, 66), Borja, Varela (Pellejero, 81), Joel (Jorge, 66), Pina (Crespo, 81) and Martín (Rojas, 81).

targets: 1-0, min. 73: Alfonso. 2-0, min. 89: Alphonso.

Referee: Lapena Antonanzas. He admonished Cabrero; Ballestero, Pina, Roche and Pablo (2), despatched off at 79′.

Remark: Belchite and Escalerillas staged a good match through which the locals had the very best possibilities. In a balanced first half Alloza had the clearest alternative for Belchite to take the lead early with a header from shut vary that went broad. After passing by the altering rooms, the locals continued on the lookout for the primary purpose, which got here within the 73rd minute due to a rebound that Alfonso took benefit of to beat Lorente. Belchite’s dominance went additional and elevated after Pablo’s expulsion, limiting the probabilities of Escalerillas coming again. Carlos Collados’s pupils had alternatives to condemn the match, however they needed to wait till the final minute for Alfonso to reappear and for the 2-0 to go up within the electronics.


Giner Torrero: Victor, Salcedo, Floria (Wealthy, 68), Orga, Sergio, Darius, Gabriel, John (Weaver, 58), Torres (Frias, 58), Palomino and Francisco (Diakite, 46)(Lera, 68).

Andorra: Ordovás, Díez, Molina, Marco (Donoso, 62), Montañés (Ávila, 62), Negredo (Mombiela, 87), Mario (Esteban, 87), Aarón (Barrachina, 21), Cubero, Tomás and Lahoz

targets: 0-1, min. 4: Body. 1-1 min. 10: palomino. 1-2 min. 44: Highlander

Referee: RedaRammah. He admonished Frías; Mountaineers, Ordovas and Donoso. He expelled visiting Donoso for a straight pink (89′).

Remark: Victory away from Andorra on the Giner Torrero area. The locals started with low depth and the Teruel workforce took benefit of a move behind the protection to get forward, benefiting from the dearth of pressure of the native protection. Because the minutes glided by, each groups alternated management of the ball till Juan Palomino scored with a direct shot from a free kick. For the reason that purpose, the match misplaced a part of its order and each groups had approaches however not clear ones. Montañés scored for Andorra, with some luck after a defender deflected his shot, making it 2-1. Within the second half, the native dominance was evident, with quite a few clear arrivals, essentially the most a cross shot and a header. Teruel didn’t fear after the break, though their effectiveness within the first half allowed them to take the three factors to Andorra.


fifth: Mallor, Domingo (Balfgón, 55), Jorge, Bes, Budria, Giménez (Bielsa, 73), Carlos, Gutiérrez, Berdún (Úbeda, 87), Inglés (Cirac, 55) and Úbeda.

Calamocha B: Saz, Gimeno, Domingo, Bogado, Adid, Bureta, Catalan (López, 68), Pellejero (Sunday, 48), Domínguez (Bernandos, 54), Bruna and Bernad (Nour, 54).

targets: 1-0, min. 12: English. 1-1 min. 42: Brunette. 2-1, min. 51: Berdun. 3-1, min. 71: Berdun. 3-2 min. 78: Nour.

Referee: Jelti Salmi. He admonished Domingo, Gutiérrez; Bruna, Catalan and Nour

Remark: El Quinto took the three factors towards Calamocha in an intense match dominated by the locals. Sergio Pérez’s squad entered the match very effectively and took the lead with a shot from the far submit. Calamocha stored bettering and shortly earlier than the tip of the primary half they scored the tie with a header. Within the second half, the locals collected arrivals and in one in all them they scored the second. Berdún culminated a person motion by Balfagón to widen variations. Regardless of this, Calamocha didn’t quit and closed the hole with a very good motion.


San Agustin: Pérez, Sarmiento (Ordovas, 59), Edo, Borruel, Ortiga (Navarro, 73), García (Fonseca, 80), Planas, Omeñat (Orozco, 59), Duque, Peguero (Navarro, 80) and Paris.

Alcaniz: Sanz, Carbo (Lacueva, 79), García (Tello, 71), Bouayadi, Moreno (Juárez, 62), Pellicer (Martín, 71), Bagán (Escuín, 62), Isern, Soler, Molina and Cardiel.

targets: 1-0, min. 19: Garcia. 2-0, min. 76: Navarro. 2-1, min. 83: Escuin.

Referee: Nunez Masia. He admonished Sarmiento, Peguer; Escuin, Soler, Hernandez and Bouayadi. He expelled the native Duque (89′).

Remark: San Agustín took their first victory and the three factors towards Alcañiz in a match the place the primary half was very even, with fixed interruptions and excessive depth. Nonetheless, it was San Agustín who took the lead with a shot from midfield. Within the second half the overall pattern was maintained, with a San Agustín who scored once more on the counterattack however the Alcañizanos closed the hole with a shot from the sting of the field. The locals resisted a chronic low cost and authorized their first victory.


Alcorisa: Cisse, Naica (Plana, 27), Oliete, Riola, Fernández (Torcal, 62), Hernández (Sinera, 72), Moreno (Acedo, 72), Cepeda, Villanueva (Ocampo, 62), Vidal and Larraz.

At. Teruel: Valero, Ubeda, Beltrán (Bellosta, 46), Escobar (Orriols, 67), Estop, Belenchón, Clavo (Coves, 46), Ferrer, Hernández, Sánchez and Hortua.

targets: 1-0, min. 8: Fernandez. 1-1, min. 87: Belenchon, from a penalty.

Referee: Melendo Mateo. Amonestón in Fernández, Plana and Sinera; Estop and Ferrer.

Remark: Alcorisa shared the factors towards Teruel in a recreation clearly dominated by the locals, who went forward with a shot from exterior the realm. Teruel remained withdrawn and the locals had quite a few possibilities to attain. Within the second half, the locals weren’t very profitable in entrance of purpose and within the final moments the referee signaled a penalty in favor of Teruel who took benefit of it to take a degree from Alcorisa.


blacksmithLázaro, Mayor, Ruiz (Meavilla, 66), Crespo, Val, Martínez (Rodrigo, 66), Íñigo, Suárez (Pérez, 89), Maqueda, Niabaly (Barahona, 66) and Serban.

Sources: León, López, Salvador, Casalo, Góez, Martínez (Esteban, 74), Requeno (Molinero, 87), Isaac, Garín (Coll, 70), Rubio and Asensio (Gutiérrez, 46).

targets: 1-0, min. 19: Frizzy. 2-0, min. 31: Crespo, from a penalty. 2-1, min. 55: Isaac. 2-2 min. 59: Gutierrez.

Referee: Gonzalez Garcia. He admonished Niabaly, Ruiz, Mayor, Meavilla; Asensio and Goez. Garín expelled the customer for a direct pink card.

Remark: Herrera shared the factors with Fuentes in a match the place the locals have been far superior within the first half. Crespo put them forward culminating in a very good play and he himself widened the hole from the penalty spot within the thirty first minute. Within the second half, Fuentes took a step ahead and the sport balanced out. In a fast transition, Isaac took benefit of a again move to shut the hole and moments later the guests equalized from eleven meters. Within the ultimate stretch, the referee annulled a purpose for the locals.


Delight: Beltrán, Jiménez, David (Millán, 9)(Tabuenca, 46), Raúl, Nguema, Axel, Alejandro (Gran, 60), Marzo (Badías, 60), Oliete, Pina (Paul, 76) and Moreno.

Cela: Ferrer, Ignacio, Argilés, Martín, Royo, Esteban (García, 73), Sergio, Gascón, Enguita, Cercos (Garfella, 73) and Vivas (Lanzuela, 58).

targets: 1-0, min. 7: Pineapple. 1-1 min. 14: Gascon. 2-1, min. 68: Badias. 3-1, min. 77: Badias. 3-2, min. 80: Martin. 4-2, min. 89: Axel.

Referee: Alonso Martinez. He admonished Moreno, March; Ignacio, Enguita, Fernando and Royo.

Remark: Delicias gained Cella in a match through which two very totally different kinds of play could possibly be seen: whereas the locals made essentially the most of their verticality, the guests opted to play from behind. It did not take lengthy for Delicias to take the lead by Pina, however Cella’s response was not lengthy in coming and Gascón wasted no time in restoring stability to the scoreboard. Though the locals had quite a few scoring possibilities, half-time was reached with the consequence 1-1.

The second half started in the identical vein: Delicias had the very best possibilities

The second half started in the identical vein, with Delicias having the very best possibilities. The modifications made by Íñigo Garriga bore fruit and Badías as soon as once more put the locals forward on the scoreboard. Minutes later he reappeared to double Delicias’ lead. Martín closed the hole in favor of Cella, however Axel, within the 89th minute, scored the ultimate 4-2.

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