Real Madrid: The market is closed… Real Madrid has a lot of work ahead of it

Real Madrid: The market is closed… Real Madrid has a lot of work ahead of it

Cwrong market… Madrid now has a lot of work ahead. After enjoying a quiet transfer window closing, the tension returns to the offices of Valdebebas. Having made up the squad that will have to face the challenge of the sextet, the club is already preparing for a few months in which you should start to solve quite a few issues.

Some more difficult than others, some clearer than others and some more important than others. The main problem is that they affect many players. Among those who have complicated sports situation and that end contractalmost half the squad is up in the air.

Contract ends next summer. There is nothing that puts his continuity at Real Madrid at risk beyond 2023. Florentino Prez is clear: Benzema is untouchable. Ancelotti thinks the same and the player is happy in his role as absolute star of the team. In this scenario, with the player a stratospheric level and one step away from being crowned Ballon d’Orthe renewal until 2024 is taken for granted.

compliant 37 to in a week and contract ends in 2023. Ancelotti recently confessed that he sees him to continue one more season and the club would be delighted if he were like that. It remains to know the position of the player and see the evolution of a season in which many situations occur that would tip the balance in favor or not of its continuity: performance, results, injuries…

His contract also ends in 2023 and he already rejected a proposal from the club last season to extend the contract. The player made it clear that he preferred to wait to be honest about his feelings sports and personal at the end of this season. His future is in the air more for the player than for the clubI had already renewed it. At the moment he is still untouchable for Ancelotti and he could be another of the players who joins the ‘one more year’ policy.

Contract ends in 2023 and having been on the exit ramp this summer, everything indicates that he will go free at the end of his contract. The renewal is not ruled out, but right now his future is out of Madrid as of June 30.

Another one of those who finish their contract next summer. Its last renewal was for two seasons in 2021. At 32 years of age, he maintains his status as an absolutely essential player for the squad because of what he contributes on and off the pitch. Good pretty and cheap. If nothing goes wrong, its renewal is taken for granted.

Contract ends in 2023 and will leave Madrid after five years in which there has not been a single summer in which the club has not wanted to part with him.

Contract ends in 2024, but his situation is delicate at a sporting level because Courtois’ figure has him completely outshone. Ancelotti and the club are delighted with him, for its quality and professionalism. Madrid wants me to continue and maintain the tranquility that reigns in the goalkeeper in every sense. The player has the last word depending on whether he wants to go out in search of the prominence that is denied him in Madrid.

One more from the ‘2023 list’. Lack of ‘feeling’ with Zidanefirst, assignmentsafter, and an injury that conditioned his last season, to finish, have been the obstacles of a player who has the blessing of the stands and that he has conquered Ancelotti. The coach has praised the quality of the midfielder, who after Casemiro’s departure has more options to play and change his situation at Madrid. Still, its continuity is up in the air and will depend on its protagonism.

It’s been on the market since last summer. At the end of this season he will have one year left on his contract and it would be a little easier to find a solution to his difficult situation at Real Madrid. There are hopes that this year he can get something closer to his best level, but it is very difficult to have the necessary continuity for that to happen.

He has a contract until 2024but his sporting situation is unsustainable. He has not had the opportunity to leave Madrid in the summer and he faces another season in which he will hardly enjoy minutes unless he looks for an exit in the winter market. At the end of the season he will have one year left on his contract and that will facilitate the search for a solution to his situation, much more outside than inside Madrid.

He has a contract until 2025, but he is another player whose future is in the air market after market. Competition in defense leaves you with no margin to make a hole in the Ancelotti’s aircraft. In winter, its situation could be assessed again.

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