Only a machada in Denmark serves the REBI Cuenca to stay alive in Europe

Only a machada in Denmark serves the REBI Cuenca to stay alive in Europe

REBI Cuenca plays this Saturday from 4:00 p.m. the second leg of Q1 of the EHF European League, will do so at the ‘Jysk Arena’ against Bjerringbro-Silkeborg, against whom he lost last Sunday in ‘El Sargal’ by 26-31.

You will therefore have to come back five goals Lidio Jiménez’s team wants to be in the next round, something that seems complicated after the second half lived in Cuenca, although it is true that REBI’s team were superior in the first, going into the break with 13-11.

This is how Cuenca’s coach, Lidio Jiménez, sees it: “Sport is what it is, these things have been seen many times and we are looking for make a great match and try to get it; We know that here we were better than them in many minutes and we are going to see if we can be better there for longer”.

It values ​​playing in Europe. “We already know what it costs to get here, so we have to savor it even if it’s not the right dates, this has come as it has and we have to try to enjoy it, because few teams and players have the chance to play in Silkeborg”. pointed out

Also, They will be accompanied by about 50 fans from Cuenca, who will travel to Danish lands to cheer on their own in search of the machada, in a clash in which REBI Cuenca has casualties and which will be refereed by Mitrevski and Todorovski.

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