Nadal – Fognini, live

Nadal – Fognini, live

The wait is over, Rafa Nadal and Fabio Fogninii are already preparing the draw ceremony.

“He’s a great player, I have to focus on this match”, says Rafa Nadal before going out onto the center court, the
Arthur Ash Stadium.

The night show begins at Arthur Ashe Stadium.
Waiting shortly for Rafa Nadal and Fabio Fognini.

World Ranking: Fight for No. 1
Rafa Nadal could snatch it from
Daniel Medvedev. Sure if he’s a champion. If he does better than the Russian, Alcaraz and Ruud, too. There are several combinations that favor him because he only adds points until the end of the year.

If he beats Fabio Fognini, he will be the first classified for the
ATP Finals in Turinthe Masters Final.

Rafa Nadal, undefeated this season in Grand Slam: 20-0
Rafa Nadal, 36 years old and world number 3, will try to maintain this streak. Champion of the Australian Open and Roland Garros, he retired before playing the Wimbledon semifinals due to an abdominal rupture.

In front, in a few minutes, Fabio Fognini, 35 years old and world number 60.


It was the turn of Rafa Nadal and Fabio Fognini

After two hours of women’s doubles, in a few minutes the Spaniard and the Italian go to center court for their 18th confrontation.

The Williams say goodbye as doubles
They have lost 7-6, 6-4 to Hradecka and Noskova. Champions of 14 Grand Slam titles together, triple Olympic gold. Serena, 40 years old; Venus, 42.


Doubles in the center before Nadal – Fognini
Hradecka-Noskova vs. Williams-Williams: 7-6 (5), 4-3. The American sisters looking for the comeback, have recovered the break in the second set.

Rafa Nadal and Fabio Fognini, with nocturnal
It’s already past 9 at night in New York. She still follows the doubles match at the central. Waiting for Rafa Nadal and Fabio Fognini, who will finish their second round match at dawn.

The winner will meet in the third round
with Richard Gasquet, who eliminated Miomir Kecmanovic.

Cristina Bucsa and Roberto Carballés, eliminated
They lost to Danielle Collins and Denis Shapovalov, respectively. Second round matches.

Rafa Nadal and Fabio Fognini accelerate their preparation
Hradekca and Noskova are taking a significant lead over the Williams sisters: 7-6, 3-0.

The Williams lose the first set
7-6 (5) of the Czechs Hradekca and Noskova.
Both Rafa Nadal and Fabio Fognini with an eye on the monitors in the players’ area to know when it’s their turn to go out to the center.

One hour and 9 minutes of doubles in the center
The playing time between
Herman Williams and the Czechs Hradecka and Noskova. They are in the tiebreak. There was an interruption because the bottom of the track was wet and had to be dried.


Another goal for Rafa Nadal tonight-early morning
Number one in the Race, it will be official that he has a place in the ATP Finals in Turin if he beats Fabio Fognini.

Nadal qualified for the Masters Final from 2005 to 2020. He fell short of the top eight of the year for the first time in 2021, when he missed six months with a foot injury.

Roberto Carballes and Cristina Bucsa
The man from Granada has equaled the score with Denis Shapovalov. She gave the Canadian back 6-4 in the second set. The Cantabrian is losing 6-2 to the 19th seed, American Danielle Collins.

Long wait for a morbid classic, the Nadal-Fognini
The game in the center is going slow. 37 minutes into the game, the Williams sisters beat the Czechs Hradecka-Noskova 4-3. No breaks. Next come Spanish and Italian.

Nadal’s second night in a row
He started in the afternoon session against the Australian
rinky hijikata (4-6, 6-2, 6-3, 6-3), repeats against Fabio Fognini. In an hour, hour and a half.

Four times champion of the tournament, Rafa had not appeared in
New York since his triumph in 2019. He did not attend in 2020 to better prepare the Roland Garros that ended in October due to the pandemic and in 2021 he was out due to intolerable pain in his left foot.

That night in 2015
Fabio Fognini came back from two sets down in
Rafael Nadal. She won 3-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 and 6-4. The Italian did not go much further, who in the round of 16 could not
Feliciano Lopez.

On center court, the Williams sisters the the

Four years later they have rescued their doubles.
continues in singles, is in the third round, while
was eliminated. He begins his duel with the Czechs
Hradecka and Noskova
. In the next turn, Nadal and Fognini.


More games with Spaniards at stake
the grenadian
Robert Carballes he has lost the first set against Denis Shapovalov 4-6.

The Cantabrian
cristina bucsa is at the Louis Armstrong Stadium beginning his duel with the American Danielle Collins.

At what time is the Nadal – Fognini match played?
It’s the second shift of the evening shift in New York. They will be called to court when the match that is about to start ends, a doubles: the Williams sisters against the Czechs Hradecka and Noskova.

We are informing you of how this match is going to measure at what time a Nadal-Fognini will be played, which always has its morbidity.

Rafa Nadal – Fabio Fognini: the countdown begins
Hello, good morning. We begin the preview of the match between Rafa Nadal and Fabio Fognini, second round of the US Open 2022.

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