Logroo remains on the edge of the precipice in the European League against Lemgo

Logroo remains on the edge of the precipice in the European League against Lemgo

meme Logroo La Rioja lost 39-34 to the German side Lemgo in the first leg of the first round of the European Leaguemainly due to a poor first half, which greatly hampers their chances of moving forward in the competition. The Riojan teamthat has not won a game in preseason, he arrived in Germany trusting in his good defense during the summer, but from the beginning of the game he had no forcefulness in that facet and, moreover, failed many pitches in a game of attack that is too simple, and riddled with errors.

The German team was intense from the start for the German side Lukas Zerbe and the Spanish pivot Geden Guardiola, unstoppable through the center of the attack of the Lemgo. Little by little, the local team stripped a Logroo in which the goalkeeper was not working (only 7 stops between Markelau and Jorge Prez) and that he was getting more and more nervous about his mistakes.

So from 4-2 at six minutes, it went to 9-3 at 12 minutes and the dynamics barely changed in the entire first half, between a team, the German, almost infallible in their attacks (22 of 26 in the first half) and another, the riojanothat he suffered every time he had the ball (13 of 24 in the same period) and he wasn’t able to adjust his defense. Just like the first half, the Logroo did a containment job at the end to avoid a very scandalous distancethat already arrived seven goals at 18 minutes (14-7) and finished in nine (22-13). The addition to the track of the central Preciado and the winger Diocou It brought a bit of clarity and verticality to the away game.

The second half started again with a german avalanchewhich culminates with ten goal advantage which were maintained until minute 40 (30-20). But then, when everything was against him, the Logroo shook off the pressureabove all to attack better, and to stop the best German throwers. Miguel ngel Velasco’s team was looking to have some hope for the second leg and they did.

In fact, in the last twenty minutes of the game – also with the Lemgo less revolutionized– offered your best image and he surprised his rival in attack, what had relaxed very soon and that, therefore, he cannot say that he has the tie completely sentenced. Logroo came close to four goals in minute 56 (37-33), with possessionbut his next three attacks crashed into the local goalkeeper. I opened the Lemgo gap again (39-33), but Rubio managed to score on a counterattack in the last secondleaving the difference in five goals, which forces his team to make a perfect match in return to be able to continue in the European League.


39 – TBV Lemgo (22+17): Kastelic (Zecher); Zhender (5, 2p), Zerbe (6, 1p), Geden Guardiola (7), Hutecek (2), Brosh (3), Versteijnen (4), Isaas Guardiola (1), Simak (3), Laerke (5) , Schwarzer (1), Schagen (2), Blaauw and Suton.

34 – Logroo La Rioja (13+21): Jorge Prez (Markelau), Rivero (2), Preciado (7), El Korchi (2), Rubio (6, 1p), Diocou (7, 3p), Serradilla, Javier Rodríguez (7), Javier García (1), Eduardo Ortiz, David Cadarso (1), Kisselev (1), Keita and Palomino.

Marker every five minutes: 3-2, 7-3, 10-5, 15-8, 19-12, 22-13 (rest); 26-16, 30-20, 32-24, 34-28, 36-31 and 39-34.

referees: Jurinovic and Mrvica (Croatia). They expelled for three exclusions the player from the Rioja team, Juan Palomino, in the 31st minute. They excluded the locals Zhender, Isaas Guardiola (twice) and Versteijnen; and to visitors Serradilla and Kisselev.

incidents: First leg of the first qualifying round of the men’s European League. Phoenix Contact Arena in Lemgo, about 3,000 spectators.

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