Insults and mockery of the Spanish Futsal Team on social networks

Insults and mockery of the Spanish Futsal Team on social networks

The Spanish Short Futsal Team has achieved a historic feat, getting the silver medal in the first European Championship celebrated in Europe and in Spain (Mazarron, Murcia). But despite the great news for Spanish sport, the response it has provoked are insults and mockery of these footballers that have multiplied on social networks.

“The ridicule or criticism is not directed at our game or at some blunder, it is always directed at our physical condition,” explains Paco López, player of the Short Size Futsal Team. His colleague Jesús Sánchez adds: “You read the comments and instead of being congratulations they are insults, and We don’t focus on the victory but on the fact that they have insulted us”.

“We are a country where you can rent midgets”

They complain with resignation because they assure that there is a widespread problem in society towards them. “Now we talk about this because it just happened, butwe suffer this daily. We are the only country where people like us are still used for comedy shows, you search on google and you can rent a dwarf,” says soccer player David Velasco.

But after living it again in a massive way, they ask for respect and “heavy hand” because “it is very painful”.

Argentina the invited team, an example for them

It was the first time that the Spanish National Team participated in a championship of such a level. they reached lto the end where they received the almighty Argentina, a country in which, according to the protagonists, they accept and value short-sized soccer players: “They are even federated.” Argentina is the pioneer in creating short teams “they are valued and respected because from a young age they are given a ball regardless of the condition they have.

Despite what happened, they are happy for the historic silver they have achieved and “playing against the best” has served them as a learning experience, and they hope that it will be for society as well.

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