FC Barcelona: Barcelona has a problem…one more and unnecessary

FC Barcelona: Barcelona has a problem…one more and unnecessary

The Barcelonaits leaders, once the market closed and having found solutions for many of the footballers with whom it did not count, he has not realized that he has fabricated a problem that does not existunnecessary and that refers to three players with a past, present and a lot of ascendancy in the Barça dressing room. Conflicts must be avoided and not created and that isI know what they have

Cho with Busquets, Piqu and especially and in an unprecedented way with Jordi Alba.

The three have given luster to the history of Barcelona

and Spanish football. No one can deny it, although from the Catalan club itself they insist on questioning what the three did or at least placing them between a rock and a hard place, especially on the side,

whom they placed without any blush at Inter in the purest NBA style

on Wednesday night, that is, without asking. It has been less than a year since they were called by the club to

‘get this out’ (as is)

history that was repeated with the arrival of Xavi, who asked them for help and maximum collaboration, to little less than disturb. And they did it in the context of a team in destruction.

Jordi Alba, unfairly singled out

Each one of them is a different world and situation, but what the three of them agree on is knowing what Barcelona is and in a commitment beyond any doubt, both sporting, social and economic.

The case of Jordi Alba is the most striking

because of the maneuver with Inter and that substitution at the feet of Balde, as if he were to blame for the draw against Rayo. In oblivion the 30 games and that of being the third highest assistant in the last League, but suddenly everything seems to have been forgotten, like the 17 titles won. The winger has been accused of having an excessively high chip, but what fell by the wayside is that

‘slight’ detail comes from the hand of having agreed to defer the salary of the last three years,

money down included. The new request was rejected. The others involved, who also agreed to lower their salary, also said no. The equation is very simple:

‘you lower your salary so that someone else can come and take your job

‘. They have not accepted. Logical. They defend what is theirs, what is signed. They have already given up once, but saying no to yours because of the mistakes of others is something extremely difficult to defend. Alba has given up going out. She is hurt by the pressures and some leaked scenes far removed from reality, but she believes that she can turn the situation around. Presence in the World Cup is at stake, as is Marcos Alonso, his new partner (unless the contrary is proven by the time of the termination with Chelsea) together with Balde. Complicated overpopulation to understand.

Xavi has the ballot

to make these three veteran players see that the situation had gotten out of hand, but

who still trusts them

. They were colleagues and friends and now the coach has to recover that confidence that has been touched. In addition, that hobby that has received wrong information, must also re-admit them as their own.

And that largely depends on the club, the one they have never let down.

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