Euroleague | Maccabi Tel Aviv

Euroleague |  Maccabi Tel Aviv

Euroleague | Maccabi Tel Aviv

By the way in which, Actual Madrid has defeated Anadolu 94-85, which isn’t the identical with out Larkin. breathe Chus Mateo and breathe Juan Carlos Sánchez.

69-80. Mate from Tobey to cross from Satoransky. What a Higgins final quarter, he is in every thing!

69-78. Di Bartolomeo retains the native choices from the free kick.

67-78. Bffffffffffffffffff! What a transfer by Satoransky. Dance of these of the 80s, the rival flies, pivot and half hook basket.

67-76. Higgins makes the free throw, however misses the sport.

67-77. Method to Baldwin, who’s erased with 5 fouls and the second method. Nicely sorry. His angle issues are as nice as his offensive expertise.

67-75. Nicely Higgins, who’s as protagonist as Lapro was earlier than.

67-73. Nebo now takes the 2 plus one to Tobey. Mr. Jasikevicius… would not it’s time to take Nnaji out to stay in there?

64-73. Nebo takes benefit of the 2 free throws that Sanli has given him. Moderately, he has given away possession of now.

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