El Sinfín stops the assault of TM Benidorm (34-32)

El Sinfín stops the assault of TM Benidorm (34-32)

Sinfín Handball achieved its first victory in La Albericia after beating the TM Benidorm (34-32) in a match by which the boys led by Rubén Garabaya did an ideal defensive job to cease the Alicante staff.

The TM Benidorm Within the first couple of minutes, he opted for an assault with seven in opposition to six, risking being punished in case of shedding the ball, and Sinfín took benefit of the rival’s errors to get forward (9-6).

visiting coach, Fernando Latorre, He insisted on attacking with superiority and his staff equalized (10-10) and, minutes later, took the lead (14-15), though the losses continued to penalize the counterattack.

The truth is, a steal by Pla earlier than the top of the primary half allowed Sinfín to enter the break with a bonus within the electronics (18-17).

Initially of the second half, the Santander staff achieved a three-goal lead (22-19), however the TM Benidorm took benefit of Basualdo’s exclusion on the premises to get the equalizer once more (22-22).

One other exclusion, on this case visiting, served Sinfín to get forward once more on the scoreboard and attain a bonus of 5 objectives (30-25)with Bono main the native assault with 16 objectives.

The TM Benidorm closed the hole and reached the final minute only one aim down (33-32), however Sinfín didn’t fail with their final possession and put the ultimate 34-32 on the scoreboard.

Information sheet:

34- Limitless Handball (18+16): Mohamed Aly (p)(1), Pla (2), Leo Alonso (6), Bono (9+7p), Herrero Lon (3), Zungri (3) and Aguilella (2) -starting seven- Ernesto (p ), Diego Monzón (1), Perbela (-), Basualdo (-), Diego Muñiz (-), Domínguez (-), Sergio Rubio (-), Jacob Díaz (-) and Oscar García (1).

32-BM Benidorm (17+15): Roberto Rodriguez (p), Sotic (4), Calle (5), Grau (2), Barceló (-), Vainstein (-) and Ramiro Martinez (1+3p) – seven starters – Samuel (p), Lignieres (2 Bernatonis (-), Sempere (2), Iván Rodríguez (3), Rubén Santos (-), Nikcevic (-), Sánchez (-), Serrano (8) and Soljic (2).

Marker each 5 minutes: 3-3, 5-5, 9-6, 11-11, 14-15, 18-17 -break- 21-19, 24-22, 26-23, 30-25, 31-28 and 34-32 ( last).

referees: Luis Colmenero and Victor Rollan. Pla, Basualdo (3) and Leo Alonso from Sinfín Handball and Soljic, Iván Rodríguez, Grau and Fernando Latorre (coach) from BM Benidorm had been excluded for 2 minutes. They confirmed yellow cardboard to Zungri, Monzón and Javier Palazuelos (assistant) from Sinfín Handball and to Barcelo and Fernando Latorre (coach) from BM Benidorm.

Incidents: Match similar to the fourth day of the ASOBAL League performed on the La Albericia Pavilion in entrance of some 500 spectators.

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