Cam Smith: “It’s unfair that I can’t be in the majors”

Cam Smith: “It’s unfair that I can’t be in the majors”

After the shocking signing of Cameron Smith by LIV for the next season, The Australian wanted to speak to show his discontent with certain measures that have been taken with the members of said competition. Players registered in the Saudi league will not be able to play big next season. Something that the current British Open champion did not like at all.

The majority discontent Cam Smith It is given by the contradiction in the participation of these tournaments since this season, if these golfers have been able to play. In the US Openfor example, if you were given the opportunity, and competed, players who had already signed for LIV. However, in future editions, they will not be able to. Which Smith has described as “unfair”.

“I believe that the majors have to have the best in the field. Hopefully we can solve that problem”, said the Australian golfer. “For fans of the majors it can be a bit unfair. To have 48 of the best players around the world playing without getting ranking points I think is a bit unfair.” It must be remembered that Cameron Smith signed for LIV for an amount of around 100 million euroswhich has led him to be the victim of innumerable criticisms in the world of golf.

Furthermore, in the competition greg normanthey have known 19 golfers who will not continue in the competition and the money each of them received has also been revealed since they joined LIV. As is well known, this league, is financed by Saudi money, so, despite the short time these players have been in it, the money they have received has been quite high.

Among the payments that golfers have received, some of them stand out, which in just one day played they got much more money than in a full tournament of other competitions. As is the case of Spanish Pablo Larrazabal that this summer, with his participation in Centurion, It was made with a total of 348,000 euros having been thirteenth. An amount much higher than what he obtained in the BMW Championshipwhere was it taken 81,000 euros.

Of these 19 golfers who say goodbye to the LIV, all have exceeded 100,000 euros in earnings. But some have managed to take much more money. Hennie du Plessis, in three events, has managed to acquire around 3,480,000 euros. An amount that would be very difficult to achieve in any other circuit. Jinchiro Kozuma and Justin Harding are the other two golfers who have reached the figure of one million euros. The latter only due to his ninth place in Portland. Unimaginable figures that are equaled in any other circuit of the sport.

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