Caja Rural Aula Valladolid begins the season with its sights set on the defensive pitch

Caja Rural Aula Valladolid begins the season with its sights set on the defensive pitch

Miguel Angel Peñas, coach of Caja Rural Aula Valladolid. / Rodrigo Jimenez

With such a young squad and in the absence of “assembling” the team, the evolution of the season will determine the final result

That Miguel Angel Peñas wants to start the season is a fact, he says so every time he has the chance. And it is that as he assures this season he has it full of illusion and with the batteries more recharged than ever.

Without a doubt, the predisposition of “their girls”, who “work” and always work with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, helps to generate a strong group in which happiness prevails and that allows them to compete and fight matches.

What Peñas did want to make clear in his appearance before the start of the official season (Saturday, 19:00. Huerta del Rey against Elche) is that the campaign will be marked by evolution. The recomposition of the team and the incorporation of young players will cause the peak of performance to reach the middle of the championship.

After the preseason, the Pucelano coach looks forward to Saturday. “The first real test, the preseason is very good but you can sweep all the games or get thrashed, they are games that do not mark the reality of the team, it all depends on the amount of load you carry or that you are in recovery”, has insured Peñas.

The team will open the season against Handball Elche, a match that Peñas has described as tough: «It is a difficult rival, it has been reinforced very well, but it is perfect for us to gain a higher level, we need to join together but we will leave our soul ».

Although the results are important, Peñas focuses the objective for the first games on being able to compete since the team is capable of doing many things well but is also wrong “in many others.” The defensive plot is something that worries the coach. The oldest player in that line is sixteen years old, the rest are recently joined girls, causing the coach to spend more time working. In fact, María O’Mullony is placed in these central matches, something that is not usual in the career of the Zamorana. “We will receive goals, that is clear, but we must be able to counteract it with the new goal kick, a new regulation that will allow us to score four, five goals per game.”

In contrast, he is delighted with the static attack since in his opinion the team should “have options to score thirty goals per game, which does not guarantee that we will win but we will be able to correct that almost impossible deficit of conceding goals,” Peñas assured.

The modification of the “six passes” rule when the passive game is marked, it is reduced to four, is something that does not worry him too much: “We are a team that executes the attacks in twenty seconds, we should not have a problem, but if I would ask that the arbitration criterion be the same for everyone. There are teams that only take thirty seconds to pass their field, and it is true that the teams that we attack quickly when a play gets stuck, they raise their hands before ».

As usual in his appearances, he has once again made it clear that the minimum objective is to be eighth, anything that improves that position is welcome. He believes that the real position of the team is to fight with Granollers one step behind Elche or Gijón. And he believes that the league will be played by Bera Bera and Rocasa, teams that have strengthened very well.

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