Barça seems on the Palau with one other feast

Barça seems on the Palau with one other feast

After final Monday’s 44-30 within the remaining of the Catalan Tremendous Cupthe Barca one other feast has been given earlier than the Fraikin BM Granollers in his presentation on the Palau Blaugrana, first recreation of the brand new and professionalized ASOBAL League (37-26).

The debut was a Barça celebration from the beginning, when the Barça gamers provided their followers the most recent titles gained, the champions of final season and the latest Catalan Tremendous Cup.

Earlier than the assembly, Gonzalo Perez de Vargas (goalie), Ludovic Fabregas (pivot), Aleix Gomez (rightmost), say me (proper again and MVP) and Thiagus Petrus (protection) acquired the person trophies as one of the best gamers within the 2021-22 League of their positions.

Fàbregas, Aleix, Gonzalo, Petrus and Mem, with their particular person trophies from the final League

Pere Punti

A lot leisure didn’t imply any change on the observe, with Barça placing their victory on observe from the start, Granollers unable to comprise the Barça offensive barrage and knock down a really set protection. With the drops of David Rock and the captain, Anthony Garcia, Antony Department accomplished the decision with three kids from the subsidiary, Gerardo Domingo, Fernando Castillo Y Victor Romeroone other handicap for the guests towards the mighty Barça.

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The azulgrana Luka Cindric, in action against Fraikin BM Granollers

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Luis Carles Perez

Emil Nielsen and Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, together in Barça's first training session

Hampus Wanne Y jonathan carlsbogard performed their first match on the Palau as Barça gamers at a great stage, however the third signing of the season, the goalkeeper emilio nielsenmust wait for one more time as a result of Gonzalo this time he performed the 60 minutes of the match.

Granollers saved the heartbeat of the locals initially (4-5), however an 11-2 run broke the sport (15-7 in 19′), and Barça’s ‘daggers’ at full capability towards a protection Vallesana who did little to assist his goalkeepers, who barely touched a ball throughout a primary half of absolute native dominance (23-12).

Fraud Cindric sick depart attributable to minor bodily discomfort, January Y richardson they acted as middle backs forward of Poppynonetheless getting in tune after being discharged from the hospital after struggling a sprained ankle a number of days in the past.

An 11-2 run broke up the match within the first half, however Ortega known as his gamers to order after they slowed down within the second half

As soon as the match is over, sustaining the depth and focus shouldn’t be really easy as a result of, unconsciously or not, the gamers already really feel the victory is theirs. That was Barça’s problem once more within the second half and, identical to within the Tremendous Cup, Charles Ortega he will need to have known as time-out to evoke his males.

“It is simply that we’re not right here!” exclaimed the Barça coach when Granollers lowered the hole after the restart (27-19). Three objectives in a row from yusuf farukthe younger 18-year-old diamond loaned by the KielceThey made it 27-20 on the scoreboard after a 4-8 run in favor of the Vallesans within the first 10 minutes of the second interval.

Aitor Ariño and the young Nigerian pearl Yusuf Faruk, fighting for a ball

Aitor Ariño and the younger Nigerian pearl Yusuf Faruk, combating for a ball

Pere Punti

With their extra lively protection, Granollers had the problem of profitable at the very least a part of the second half and was lastly in a position to match it (14-14), a lift for them after the rout within the first half (23-12).

Barça additionally examined the protection 5:1 with Arino superior, however he additionally didn’t get well his finest model of the primary half-hour although he obtained one other win (37-26). Richardson (7), Aleix (6) and Wanne (5) had been the highest Barça scorers, whereas Faruk (5), Valera (5) and Salinas (4) stood out at Granollers, as soon as once more disadvantaged of their captain.

Information sheet

37 – Barca (23+14): Gonzalo (Nielsen), Aleix Gómez (6, 1p), Mem (4, 1p), Frade (4), Janc (4), N’Guessan (2), Wanne (5, 1p) -initial team-; Petrus, Fàbregas, Carlsbogard (2), Melvyn Richardson (7, 1p), Aitor Ariño, Langaro, Artur Parera (2) and Pablo Urdangarín (1).
26 – Fraikin BM Granollers (12+14): Rangel Luan (Guàrdia), Franco (2), Faruk Yusuf (5), Esteban Salinas (4), Rey (2), Amigó (1), Adrià Martínez (3) -initial team-; Pol Valera (5), Gurri (2) Torriani (2), Domingo, Romero and Castillo.
Referees: Andreu Marín Lorente and Ignacio García Serradilla.
Exclusions: N’Guessan, Urdangarín (Barça); Good friend, Torriani and Salinas (Granollers).
Highlighter pen: 3-4, 9-5, 11-7, 15-8, 19-11, 23-12 (relaxation); 25-15, 27-20, 29-21, 32-24, 36-25 and 37-26 (remaining).
Incidents: Match of the first day of the ASOBAL League 2022-2023 performed on the Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona earlier than 1,242 spectators.

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