Barça runs over Granollers and raises its tenth Catalan Super Cup

Barça runs over Granollers and raises its tenth Catalan Super Cup

Act. on 08/30/2022 at 00:10

With nine goals from Ludovic Fàbregas, the azulgranas beat Fraikin Granollers 44-30

Both teams will meet again on Saturday at the Palau on the first day of the Asobal League

Barça has not given Fraikin Granollers an option in a final of the Catalan Super Cup (44-30) which only had some emotion in the first eight minutes in an excellent performance by Ludovic Fàbregas, author of nine goals from ten shots and more than deserved MVP.







(20+24): Pérez de Vargas (l., 1′-30′), Luke Cindric (3), Ludovic Fàbregas (9), Dika Mem (4), Timothy N’Guessan (3), Blaz Janc (5 Hampus Wanne (3), Emil Nielsen (PS, 31′-60′), Thiagus Petrus (3), Luis Frade (1), Jonathan Carlsbogard, Melvyn Richardson (1), Aleix Gomez (3, 3p.), Aitor Arino (2), Haniel Langaro, Artur Parera (4), Pablo Urdangarin (2) and Bruno Reguart (1).


(13+17): Rangel Luan (p., 1′-30′), Oriol Rey (2), Joan Amigó (3), Esteban Salinas (3), Jan Gurri (2), Sergi Franco (1), Adrià Martínez (3) -starting seven-, Marc Guàrdia (ps, 31′-60′), Faruk Yusuf (6), Pol Valera (7, 3p.), Gerard Domingo (1), Víctor Romero, Guilherme Torriani, Víctor de Sande (1), Josep Ernest Armengol, Ferran Castillo (1) and Biel Valera.


Miquel Florenza and Jordi Ausàs (Catalan). Thiagus Petrus (20:43) and Luka Cindric (29:53), from Barça, were excluded for two minutes; and to Joan Amigó (5:00) and to Guilherme Torriani (33:39), from Fraikin Granollers.


3-3, 8-5, 13-8, 15-9, 20-13 (half), 23-16, 29-19, 32-23, 36-26, 39-28 and 44-30 (final).


Final of the Catalan men’s handball Super Cup played at the Can Cases Municipal Pavilion (Martorell).

Was the third date of the summer for the azulgranas after their victories against Bada Huesca (40-30), Madeira with more problems than expected (33-31) and Handbol Esplugues (22-41) in the semi-finals of the Catalan tournament that the Vallesans surpassed with even more sufficiency against Banyoles (25-45).

In a season of changes after the departure of the Márquez brothers (Àlex and Chema), the team from Granollers did manage to keep their emerging benchmark Pol Valera, Jan Gurri and the veterans Antonio García (injured) and the Chilean Esteban Salinas, over whom will bear much of the responsibility.

The clash was marked by equality until the former Barça player Joan Amigó established a new tie after 8 minutes (5-5). With a more than remarkable offensive pace and a sensational Ludovic Fàbregas in his last season with the team (five goals in the first quarter of the game), Barça was able to land in between with a partial 5-0 (10-5).

‘Ludo’ was a pilon game in the first part


the irruption of the signing Hampus Wanne (he is called to be a very important player) and the effectiveness of Aleix Gómez from seven meters (he is one of the best specialists on the planet) clearly maintained that dynamic for the Blaugrana and at minute 17 the scoreboard already reflected a 16-9 victory.

The champions of the previous nine editions managed to leave by nine goals with two in a row from Wanne (20-11), but a couple of good defenses from Salinas and Valera reduced the disadvantage at halftime for Antonio Rama’s men (20-13).

Granollers maintained that good line of the final stretch of the first act in the resumption with the young Nigerian Faruk Yusuf (18 years old, arrives from Kielce) as a stiletto and the income remained at seven goals with eight minutes of play (25-18).

Hampus Wanne had a good match


A great goal in ‘alley-oop’ from Dika Mem and three in a row from a highly motivated Artur Parera allowed Barça to leave for the first time by 10 goals (30-20 in 41′). Nevertheless, Carlos Ortega always wants the best from his team and stopped the game to ask them for more defensive intensity. “We are exchanging goals and we want to win by more, right?”, put forward the man from Malaga.

And his players responded as well as in all of last season. The lead grew more in the final minutes and the scoreboard was closed by one of the new pearls of the Barça quarry, a Bruno Reguart who is taking advantage of the minutes due to Domen Makuc’s loss. In the end, 44-30 and… on Saturday again to face each other.

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