ASOBAL Handball League: Puente Genil achieves a long-suffering victory towards a direct rival like Cisne

ASOBAL Handball League: Puente Genil achieves a long-suffering victory towards a direct rival like Cisne

meme Ángel Ximénez defeated BM Cisne 34-32 in Puente Genil, a meritorious victory towards a newly promoted Y direct rival within the struggle for permanence in a match wherein the Galician squad put the Cordoba workforce in deep trouble.

The Swan It began with another march than the Puente Genil and achieved a minimal benefit in the scoreboard that the Pontano workforce was unable to neutralize, so that they reached the midway level of the primary half behind on the scoreboard on their very own court docket (9-10, m.15). The guests continued to command the sport it is included elevated their distinction (13-15, m.25). Nonetheless the native field reacted within the final moments of those first half-hour and turned the digital, whereas the Galician workforce couldn’t sustain with the tempo set by their rival and went into the break two targets behind (18-16).

The development of the primary half was maintained within the second, with a most equality on the monitorthough with a visiting squad with another level of depthwhich helped him to get forward once more. Even so, with 24-25 on the scoreboard, Paco Bustos’ pupils wakened when there have been solely quarter-hour to go because of an incredible efficiency in assault and the success earlier than the aim by Philip Ribeiro as of David Steppe (26-25, m.50, and 30-28, m.55), with six and 7 targets in complete, respectively.

However the Swan didn’t decrease his arms within the last stretch and tried to reverse the state of affairs, however unsuccessfullysince he couldn’t keep away from the second consecutive victory of a Puente Genil shifting away comparatively of the positions descent within the Asobal League.


34 – Angel Ximenez Puente Genil(18+16): Álvaro de Hita; Jose Cuenca (1), Luisfe Reina (5), Chen Pomeranz (2), Andrei Buzle (5), Xavi Tua (1) and Javi Garcia (3) – beginning workforce – Henrik Nordlander, Antonio Cabello, Marcio da Silva, Martin Jung (1), Javi Muñoz (3), Erekle Arsenashvili, David Estepa (7) and Filipe Ribeiro (6).

32 – BM Swan (16+16): Revenge Roney; Daniel Lopez, Carlos Pombo (4), Alexandre Chan (10), Gualther de Pinta (5), Matthew Arias (1) and Emiliano Franceschetti (6) – beginning workforce – Kilian Garajonay, Carlos Alvarez (1), Javier Vazquez (1 ) 1), Diego López, André de Moura, Carlos Ocaña (4), Manuel Lorenzo, Xoan Fernández and Alejandro Conde.

Partials each 5 minutes: 2-3, 6-7, 9-10, 11-13, 13-15 and 18-16 (relaxation), 21-19, 22-21, 24-25, 26-25, 30-28 and 34-32 .

referees: Oriol Álvarez Boixaderas and Raul Escoda Pérez. They excluded the locals Erekle Arsenashvili, David Estepa and Andrei Buzle; and the customer Alejandro Conde (2). As well as, they disqualified the Cisne participant Mateo Arias.

incidents: Match akin to the eighth day of the Asobal League, performed within the Alcalde Miguel Salas pavilion in Puente Genil. EFE

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