Alcañiz will host the finals of the Aragon Handball Federation Cup

Alcañiz will host the finals of the Aragon Handball Federation Cup

The roots of the city of Alcañiz with handball is historical. The tradition that exists in the Bajo-Aragonese capital around the practice of this sport is kept alive over the years. On this occasion, the Aragonese Handball Federation has decided that Alcañiz will be the city that hosts the finals of the Federation Cup, with high-level teams in both the men’s and women’s categories. The event, which has the support of the Alcañiz City Council and the Alcañiz Handball Club, will take place on Sunday, September 11, at the Santa María Sports City Pavilion. With this double duel, the capital of Bajo Aragón will return to the custom of holding sports competitions as part of the city’s festivities.

Aragonese handball will move to Alcañiz on September 11 for the celebration of the two Federation Cup finals. After the city hosted the women’s final last year, this time the men’s category is also added. BM Tarazona and Casademont Zaragoza, both from the National First Division, will face each other to win the first title of the season. Schär Colores and Imdeam MB La Jota, from the Women’s Silver Division, will have to do the same to become champions, on a day that the president of the Aragonese Handball Federation, Juan Carlos Camaño, defined as “a good opportunity to combine the start of the season and the tradition of this sport in Alcañiz”. In this regard, Ignacio Urquizu, mayor of the city, considered that it is a good opportunity to keep alive a custom typical of the great week of Alcañiz: “All life there has been a tradition of sports competitions being held at the Alcañiz festivities” .

An established sport

Handball is one of the sports with the most participants in the capital of Bajo Aragón. The Alcañiz Handball Club is the main representative of this sport in the city and has a large number of athletes in its ranks. In addition, the growth that the sport is experiencing has been reflected in the club from Alcañiz, which hopes to announce news regarding the composition of the teams for this season as soon as possible. “We hope that with activities like this, people come closer and are encouraged to participate. Alcañiz Handball advances and continues to grow”, assured Urquizu during the presentation of the matches.

An Asobal League match

To ensure that handball continues its growth, the Aragonese Federation and the Alcañiz City Council walk hand in hand with the aim of promoting this sport not only in the city, but also in the rest of the region. To do this, both parties will try to get Alcañiz to host an Asobal League match, an idea that is still up in the air but could become effective in January. “Hopefully we can bring an Asobal League match. January is the best time because the competition rests because of the European Championship”, commented Juan Carlos Camaño.

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