Abrines: “We signed so that Mirotic or Higgins arrive fresh at the end”

Abrines: “We signed so that Mirotic or Higgins arrive fresh at the end”

the eaves Alex Abrines (Palma, 1993) attended to EFE to talk about planning for the season, the importance of injuries and the expectations he has for the coming seasons.

To the question of yes with the age and experience it is easier to assimilate the disappointments and start again, Abrines expressed it clearly. “losing hurts a lotalthough it is not the same as fifteen years ago. Now you see it with another perspective, you give it the importance it has and leave it behind more easily, ”he explained.

“We all want to win everything, but sometimes it can’t be and last year we had to lose. You can’t do anything to change the past, we have to improve and try to win next year”, specified the escort of the Catalan team.

The slump experienced by the team at the end of last year was key to Barcelona’s success. “I don’t know what the problem was. It was a strange year, with many injuries during the yearbut the level of the team was the highest in Europe. at the end noThe physical and mental slump hit you at the worst time. It is something that everyone has thought about. The coaches and physical trainers, the first, ”replied the 29-year-old player.

The role of Jasikevicius, key. “The one from the first year was the same ‘Saras’ and we ended up winning the league with our best level, although the Euroleague eluded us. Perhaps you have to take more care of the loads. This year’s team is aimed at that, to try to get players like Mirotic or Higgins, the most important, to arrive fresher in the final stretch and, with the signings that we have made, do without them in some more matches”, he explained.

The planning of the season is vital to reach the best level at the end. “It is very good to finish first in the group, but the most important thing is to arrive well at the moments where you play the chestnuts. It is no use being at a level of ten for eight months and in the last two going down to a six. Must plan not to lose the eight and go up in the key moments”, he commented.


MADRID, SPAIN – JUNE 13: Alex Abrines of FC Barcelona warms up before the Liga ACB final first leg match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona at Wizink Center on June 13, 2021 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Sonia Canada/Getty Images) POSTED 09/16/21 NA MASonia Canadafake images

The signings of this summer will contribute depth and versatility. “They are very good. Some experienced, some young, and also role players. Everyone will find their place. It’s early to ask how we will work, but if there is chemistry we will compete for everything. That is the goal. Barça has to aim for the highest and we all want to win as many titles as possible”, replied the one who was international.

The style of play came to be questioned. “It is true that as bases satoransky Y Calathes they are quite different, but the eaves are almost the same, although kalinic play low post more. vesely He is a mobile center, maybe not as sharp as Davies, but for that we have signed toby. except little things, the game will be almost the same”.

He will match the Czech player again. “I want it to be over. eurobasketball and come. We played two years together and had a great time. We didn’t win as much as we could have, so hopefully we can lift a lot of titles together. He’s a great player, he’s going to help us a lot”, he explained.

The relationship with Jasekivicius is important to his role. “She is good, like with everyone. Luckily I shared a locker room with him as a player and our friendship comes from afar. As a shooter, he asks me that when I go out and I’m alone, I shoot. It doesn’t matter if it fails. In defence, he asks all of us for intensity and to make as few mistakes as possible”, explained Abrines.

Regularity can give you more minutes in the rotation. “Shooters are streak players, but I’ve learned that these ups and downs don’t hurt me so much. I try to contribute more defendingrebound or playing without the ball. Staying at 45% in triples is very difficult at this level”.

Eighth season at Barça, which brings him closer to the captaincy. “Being captain is an honour, but it doesn’t have to change the way you work or feel about the team. I will do the same whether I am or not. I will always be available for whatever the coach wants and I will go to every game with everythingplay ten or thirty minutes”, commented the Catalan player.

The real Madrid will be the ultimate competitor. “We are a renewed team and every year is differentand. You don’t have to think about what happened, beyond the fact that they beat us at the end of the season, we have that thorn stuck and we will go out with more desire”, he concluded.

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