A market closure to forget

A market closure to forget

Total madness in the last hours of the transfer market. Manuel Vallejo, that this Thursday morning I had very channeled his return to Cádiz CF and with everything ready for it to become official, he will not wear yellow. The attacker’s fate it was finally Girona, who became the main actor in history to get a transfer that Cádiz CF already had in its hands.

At noon this Thursday Various Valencian media contacted this newspaper to confirm Vallejo’s return, after three seasons at Valencia, something that the Cadista club did not deny. Manuel Vizcaíno considered yesterday the option of the chiclanero as the most appropriate, hence the two entities had sat down to close the conditions. But if something has a market like the summer is that at times it is uncontrollable and crazy.

That way it was like in a matter of minutes the situation turned from south to north until it became known that the former Cadista was heading to Gerona to join the project of a recently promoted man. The hope was that something strange would happen before the market closes this Thursday, and that Manu Vallejo could not wear the Catalan team’s shirt. Nothing at all. He signed three years with the Girona.

Cádiz CF stays in an unpleasant situation because Thursday dawned with the Chiclano winger as the main alternative to that improvement that is being pursued in the attacking positions, although Sergio González’s team is really failing on the green in many places. There was a lot of optimism in the morning that at noon it was security in a very important percentage. Therefore, the stick turned out to be great for a club, the Cadiz, which was lowering its arms in the final hours of a market that has become a nightmare due to the impossibility of some operations and the discomfort it has generated in the social mass .

A very changing market that, as seen with Manu Vallejo, You can vary everything in a matter of minutes. The failed attempt by Vallejo has been given an infinity of causes. Since the impossibility of running out of margin in financial fair play, to the option that the chiclanero had a prior agreement with the Catalan entity.

What is certain is that Cádiz CF was left without the desired attacker, at the last minute, to reinforce the offensive game, and that this disappointment was doubly due to the decision, in part populist, to recover Manu Vallejo to awaken the illusion of a Cadista fan who attends the closing of the nail market with his team because of what happens on the lawn and in the offices.

A free tab after Perea’s departure

The summer transfer market closed on Thursday night but for Cádiz CF it is still open as it has a free record, the one that Alberto Perea has left with his departure to Granada.

This means that the Cadiz club will be able to occupy it as long as the circumstances that establish the rules for these cases are met. Any footballer who was left without a team on June 30, upon completion of the contract, and who has remained unemployed in the first window of incorporations, he may occupy that license if the cadista entity considers it appropriate.

It would not be the first time that he went to this small market and, at the same time, with less guarantee under normal conditions. It is a door that stays open.

But it is the stage of the club after Perea terminated his contract to sign in Granada and Manu Vallejo or any other option did not come out ahead in the final hours of the market.

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