A last-minute radical turn in the future of Cristiano Ronaldo?

A last-minute radical turn in the future of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag confirmed yesterday that Cristiano Ronaldo would continue to defend the colors of the Old Trafford team during the season that has already begun. The Dutchman thus put an end to the endless speculations that had been going off about the attacker’s future.

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The Portuguese, frustrated after a past season in which the English team had been very far from the goals set, has tired of showing his desire to change scenery in search of a new challenge that allows him to fulfill his great desire. Specifically, play the next edition of the Champions League.

In any case, when the rumors in this regard seemed to have ended, now the newspaper Brand points in a completely different direction. And it is that said source points out that Naples is still an option for the 37-year-old player with a view to this last market day. Although the Italians are not willing to take on the monstrous record of the five-time Ballon d’Or, it is not ruled out that this possibility will materialize before the market closes in Italy if the Portuguese striker himself agrees to a reduction in his salary claims and Manchester United gives his arm to twist. In any case, it presents itself as a tremendously complicated possibility.

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