The Automanía Luceros doesn’t put a ceiling

The Automanía Luceros doesn’t put a ceiling

Fourth categorized with 19 factors in his locker, with the permanence just about assured earlier than the top of the primary spherical and solely three factors from the promotion part positions. That is him spectacular stability offered by Automanía Luceros In a begin to the yr through which a ceiling isn’t set even if its coach, Adrián Méndez, insists that the utmost goal of the Cangués subsidiary is none aside from the coaching of gamers for the Asobal Plenitude League workforce. “We live a dream, the children are excited and need extra,” he says the coach of the O Morrazo workforce, conscious that the sporting targets –salvation– are virtually assured with simply 14 video games performed.

“Lanzarote has strengthened itself and is displaying itself to be very strong[thecanariesadd26points}[thecanariesadd26points}[loscanariossuman26puntos}[loscanariossuman26puntos}I see it as more feasible to be able to hunt down Lalín, who has paid for the injuries and who may have a longer second round. This year anyone can beat anyone”, reflects Adrián Méndez, very satisfied with the performance that a squad that happens to be the youngest in the category is offering and that has competed in almost every game we have played in the championship.

“The only accident was the OAR, but we have fought in the rest of the games”, he points out, accompanying that competitiveness “with a showy game and without being afraid of anyone. We are a team that everyone fears; now we are a subsidiary of Asobal”. In addition to the one suffered in A Coruña, the other two defeats conceded this season by the team from Canary Islands were in the Canary Islands against Tejina La Laguna (39-38) and against the leader, Lanzarote (30-31). Of the latter, Méndez points out that “it was the first league game and we came out frightened against a rival with several exes from Asobal.” However, with 15 minutes to go and with the score at 16-27, the locals reacted “and we gave them a brutal set. We were very close to scoring”. That reaction helped the team to “beat Reconquista, another of the favorite theorists, and think that we weren’t as bad as we thought”.

Roberto Castro in an action of the match between Automanía Luceros and Disiclín Lalín. GONZALO NUÑEZ

All in all, the Automanía Luceros coach insists that the greatest success is the change of mentality operated in the young values ​​of the Canguesa youth academy. “We have spent many years without getting players up. We have changed that idea so that the boys see that it is possible and want to be part of the Asobal team”. The clearest example is that of Manu Pérez, who took advantage of his moment in the final stretch of the first round to accumulate many minutes. But Méndez also points to Gael, who has already made his debut in the top flight, and other elements who regularly participate in the first team’s training sessions.

Return of Salgado and Meira

The only negative note is the injuries. Yes a few months ago Camiña suffered a serious injury that will take him away from the courts for the remainder of the competitionbefore the break it was Iago Iglesias who suffered a torn cruciate ligament and meniscus in one of his knees. On the opposite side, Adrián Méndez recovers two players for the second round. The center back Nacho Salgado already carried out his first training session on the track this past week after having overcome a shoulder injury. And the winger Meira is also working relatively normally after having undergone surgery to fix a wrist injury.

Postponed the duel against Carnes do Ribeiro

The positive part is that both will have two more weeks ahead to refine their set-up before dressing short. And it is that the Carnes do Ribeiro-Luceros on the 14th has been postponed to the month of March due to the presence of Manu Pérez with the Hispanic Youth. The next clash of the subsidiary will be, then, the one on the 21st against San José Obrero Lanzarote.

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