Granollers extends its streak on the expense of Torrelavega

Granollers extends its streak on the expense of Torrelavega

The Fraikin BM Granollers stormed the pavilion Vincent Trueba (29-30) because of an incredible second half that extends his successful streak in Asobal League till the seventh consecutive, the identical one by which the one of many Bathco BM Torrelavega with this defeat.

The locals didn’t quit at any time and, regardless of shedding by six objectives, that they had an assault of some seconds to tie the sport.

First a part of plenty of rhythm between the Cantabrians and the Catalans, who began the sport with plenty of equality, with out a lot success within the rival space and controlling the assaults of the opponent nicely.

Solely the exclusions made it doable to attain small moments of tactical superiority between the 2 for 2 minutes, however with out there being a distinction within the rating of a couple of purpose within the first fifteen minutes.

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The goalkeepers, Mijuskovic for the locals and Rangel for the guests, had been additionally responsible for this, with a number of worthwhile interventions in every purpose.

The tone of equality was maintained till the tip of the primary half, which was reached with a 11-12 in favor of Granollers that mirrored how even the sport was.

Three objectives as quickly as García Robledo left the locker room opened a niche for the guests, who put the utmost distinction with a four-goal lead (11-15).

Removed from giving up, Bathco BM Torrelavega continued to push, however Granollers asserted that revenue, which hardly budged throughout the next minutes, with an incontestable superiority for the locals, who ended up seeing themselves down six (15-21). .

In that a part of the sport, numerous choices by the referee provoked whistles from the Torrelaveguense public, who didn’t share the standards of the judges.

With two minutes to go, Bathco closed the hole till they had been only one purpose behind Granollers, and even had an assault for just a few seconds to tie the sport, which the Catalans lastly gained (29-30).

With this outcome, Granollers continues as “the chief of mortals” -behind FC Barcelona-, and Torrelavega stays in European positions.

-Information sheet:

29 – Bathco BM Torrelavega (11+18): Mijuskovic (p), Adrián Fernández (1), Cangiani (1), Casanova (2), Dos Santos (-), Popovic (-), Czaplinski (6) – beginning seven – Moreno (1), Prieto (-), Villoria (1), Calle (ps), Ramos (2), Lombilla (-), Isidoro Martínez (13.-4p-), Serrano (-) and Colunga (2).
​30 – Fraikin BM Granollers (12+18): Da Rosa (p), Yusuf (7), Valera (2 -1p-), Rey (1), Adria Martínez (2), Franco (3), García Robledo (6) -starting seven- Guard (ps), Gurri (2), Romero (-), Salinas (6), Calzada (-), Amigo (-), Castillo (1) and Roca (-).
​Scoreboard each 5 minutes: 1-2, 3-3, 6-5, 8-8, 10-10, 11-12 -rest- 13-15, 14-18, 16-21, 20-24, 25-28 and 29-30 – final-.
Referees: Garcia Gil and Murillo Castro. They excluded Popovic (2), Lombilla, Isidoro Martínez, from Bathco BM Torrelavega and Yusuf, Adria Martínez, Gurri, García Robledo from Fraikin BM Granollers and confirmed a yellow card to Amigo from Fraikin BM Granollers.
Incidents: Match of the fourteenth day of the Asobal League performed within the Vicente Trueba Pavilion earlier than some 1,200 spectators. Earlier than the sport started, Adrián Fernández acquired the Asobal MVP trophy in November and, at halftime, the followers threw a whole bunch of stuffed animals in order that no baby in Torrelavega is left and not using a Christmas present.

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