ASOBAL Handball League: Puente Genil dismantles Benidorm in an awesome second half

ASOBAL Handball League: Puente Genil dismantles Benidorm in an awesome second half

meme Ángel Ximénez Puente Genil was reunited with victory 5 days later after clearly and deservedly beating TM Benidorm in an awesome second half, wherein they utterly dismasted the native staff to win 29-35. The goalkeeper’s efficiency Alvaro de Hita and the success within the launch of Pomeranz, Luisfe Reina and Graça Ribeiro, with 22 targets between the three, they weighed an excessive amount of on a rival who accused the fatigue of the 2 aggressive fronts and the low with whom he confronted the encounter.

The match began with a spectacular norlander within the aim of cordovan setthough your staff didn’t reap the benefits of the offensive drought of the native staffthat took six minutes to attain, to open a spot. little by little the Benidorm was adjusting its protection and achieved reap the benefits of a number of errors of his rival to take command on the scoreboard, though an infallible pomeranz saved the Puente Genil within the celebration.

With 12-9, the visiting coach, Paco Bustos, known as a timeout (min. 21) to cease the specter of a neighborhood escape and the celebration radically modifiedsince his staff, once more with Pomeranz and Graça Ribeiro as benchmarks in assault, they managed to go away at halftime with a bonus (14-16). The assembly saved the development at first of the second interval. The Benidorm empty aim to search for superiority in assault, however discovered himself with an unbeatable De Hita.

With 16-22, Fernando Latorre stopped the sport (min. 6) to get up his staff, however the distinction solely grew for Puente Genil, who got here to dominate by seven targets (17-24). the insistence of ivan rodriguez and several other stops Roberto Martinez allowed the Benidorm scale back the distinction to solely three targets (26-29) seven minutes from the top. However the Cordoba staff didn’t get nervous and De Hita and Luisfe Reina reappeared on the scene to seal a placid victory.


29 – TM Benidorm (14+15): Robert Rodriguez (Samu Ibanez); Iker Serrano (3), Ramiro Martínez (6, 2p), Nikcevic (5, 1p), Vainstein (1), Lignieres (2) and Barceló (1); Grau (1), Calle Edu (2), Iván (7), Soljic (1), Sempere.

35 – Angel Ximénez Puente Genil (16+19): Norlander (De Hita ); Estepa (1), Da Silva, Javier García (2), Luisfe Reina (6), Pomeranz (9, 3p), Tua (3); Buzle, Javier Muñoz (5, 1p), Arsenashvili (2), Graça Ribeiro (7), Cuenca, Jung, Cabello.

Marker each 5 minutes: 0-1, 4-4, 8-7, 10-9, 12-11, 14-16 -rest- 16-20, 19-24, 22-27, 24-28, 27-30 and 29-35 .

referees: Mendoza Roldan and Visciarelli Lareo (Colegio Andalucía). He dominated out Vainstein for TM Benidorm, and Arsenashvili (2) for Ángel Ximénez.

incidents: Match akin to the fourteenth day of the Asobal League performed on the Palau d’Esports L’Illa in Benidorm earlier than about 600 spectators.

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