The Rocasa passes over a Grafometal that by no means competed

The Rocasa passes over a Grafometal that by no means competed

Miguel Herreros

Martin Schmitt

Rocasa Gran Canaria handed over Grafometal, who by no means competed with the chief of the Liga Guerreras Iberdrola. With the smart lack of Carla Rivas, the women from La Rioja have been removed from their degree and have been sentenced earlier than the primary quarter of an hour of a match that had no coloration.

It was sufficient for the Canarian workforce to carry out their defensive depth to utterly annul a sportinguista block that ended up struggling counterattacks from a neighborhood workforce that additionally confirmed off their bench background.

Juanjo González proposed a 5-1 defensive begin with Lorena Pérez within the ahead, which blocked Rocasa for a couple of minutes, who rapidly reassembled their ranks to take management of the match. Which occurred earlier than the primary quarter of an hour.


Palomino, Silvia Navarro, Jacobsen (2), Falcón (3), Pizzo, A. Rodríguez (3), Pérez (6), Marta Mangue (4), Kristensen, Spugnini (4), Mbengue (6), Da Costa ( 3).6), Siñol (1), González (1), Guerra (1) and Sauce (2).


Medeot, Elena, Lorena Pérez (1), Masha (1), Benítez (2), Learreta (2), Demic (3), Viñuela (1), Bosnjak (1), Marina González, Colías (2), Trujillo ( 2), Ladrera and Loscos (3)

  • Partials:
    2-3, 7-4, 9-4, 12-5, 16-5 and 20-9 (relaxation). 21-11, 26-12, 26-13, 30-14, 32-14 and 39-18 (last).

  • Referees:
    From the Valley and From the Valley. They excluded the native Falcón and Mbengue and the guests Colías, Lorena Pérez, Bosnjak and Benítez.

From then on, the Grafometal disconnected from the encounter and started to write down its sentence. The Rioja girls have been with out scoring for ten minutes, which allowed Gran Canaria, very secure behind with an aggressive 6-0 and Ana Belén Palomino’s purpose to be very efficient. Juanjo González referred to as a chapter for his second time, though every thing was already determined within the twenty fifth minute (16-5).

Issues did not change a lot within the second thirty minutes, though the guests pushed a little bit tougher. It appeared that the workforce from Logroño have been going to make up the consequence a bit, however within the last minutes Gran Canaria introduced out the curler once more to finish up crushing a weak Grafometal, who missed Carla Rivas loads, 39-18.

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