The brand new construction by classes of regional soccer within the Valencian Group: the revolution is right here!

The brand new construction by classes of regional soccer within the Valencian Group: the revolution is right here!

On October 12, it was accredited. the creation of the brand new Group Leaguewithin the Most popular Congress organized by the Soccer Federation of the Valencian Group (FFCV) in La Nucía. It is about youa brand new class that can join with the Third Federation and a most well-liked area which shall be renamed the First FFCV, beginning subsequent season.

The autonomous federal entity will launch this league with a format of two teams of 16 groups which shall be organized by standards of geographical proximity. Thus, the groups from the province of Castellón shall be paired with these from the north and heart of the province of Valencia. With this measure, the FFCV intends to undo the historic bottleneck wherein he assures that the passage from Most popular to Third had been transformed.

The promotion and relegation system in power already this season. FFCV

And it’s that along with the truth that the group champions couldn’t ascend immediately, because it occurs in all nationwide and regional classes, 72 groups have been combating for simply three locations to go up.

The promotion and relegation system in Valencian soccer from the 2023/2024 season. FFCV

With the creation of this class, the soccer Valencian regional will develop into structured in a extra pyramidal mannerwith two teams from the best regional class, the Lliga Comunitat; 4 of Regional Most popular (shall be renamed First FFCV); whereas the eight from First Regional will stay (shall be referred to as the Second FFCV) and the 16 teams of Second Regional (with the brand new identify of Third FFCV).

There is not going to be a transition season, because the new class shall be carried out within the subsequent marketing campaign. On this manner, the three groups that descend from the Third Federation will compete within the new Lliga Comunitat, plus the primary eight labeled from every of the 4 Preferential teams for this 12 months, except the three groups that obtain promotion in a play off wherein the primary three of every league will participate.

As a substitute, from the ninth down they’ll stay within the renamed First FFCV in a course with out descents; though, sure, not being labeled among the many eight finest will imply a hidden decline, as they go on to play within the seventh ordinal class, which till three years in the past was the Second Regional.

That is how novice soccer within the Valencian Group will stay with the brand new class, the Group League. FFCV

The brand new class will reward the champions of every of the 2 teams with direct promotion to the Third Federationachievement that up to now didn’t exist (success needed to be earned in a play off to 2 qualifiers). As well as, the second and third groups will play the promotion promotion to 2 rounds to determine the third and final promotion. Underneath, the final three labeled shall be relegated to relegation to First FFCV from every of the 2 teams.

However, to climb to the best Valencian regional class, it is going to be essential to be a gaggle champion within the First Federation or to go a play off to a single elimination spherical that solely the second labeled may have entry to. Beneath, the final three labeled will descend to the Second FFCV.

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