“I misplaced the sport, my voice, my job… however my retirement has been excellent”

“I misplaced the sport, my voice, my job… however my retirement has been excellent”

Roger Federer nonetheless remembers the echoes left by his large farewell to the world of tennis on the Laver Cup after enjoying his doubles match with Rafa Nadal, in a match that left pictures for the historical past of tennis and sports activities.

Some pictures that Federer himself has now needed to share on an Instagram account during which Federer seems greeting the general public at his farewell, carrying a tuxedo with Andy Murray, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic earlier than one of many dinners, inserting the tape on the deal with of his racket earlier than his final match, speaking with Bjorn Borg within the locker room, within the crew picture with the trophy and with Rafa Nadal earlier than going out on the courtroom.

Federer needed to share these images with this remark during which he humorously took that it could not have been the best farewell when it comes to outcomes. “We anticipated a fairy story ending. This is how mine has been: I’ve misplaced my final singles match, I’ve misplaced my final doubles match, I’ve misplaced my final crew match, I’ve misplaced my voice this week, and I’ve additionally misplaced my job. However, nonetheless, my withdrawal couldn’t have been extra excellent and I’m very pleased with how every thing has gone. So do not assume an excessive amount of about that excellent ending, yours will at all times be superb in your personal manner.”

Statements similar to these the Swiss did at first of his interview with The New York Occasions, the place he made this honest reflection on his farewell. A farewell that these newest sports activities outcomes didn’t tarnish the final nice tribute to Roger Federer.

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