Frigoríficos Morrazo – Barça (21-34): Barça walks in O Gatañal

Frigoríficos Morrazo – Barça (21-34): Barça walks in O Gatañal

10/09/2022 at 19:27


The azulgranas didn’t endure the casualties of the French internationals Dika Mem and Timothey N´Guessan

The culé staff now faces a nationwide staff break and the Tremendous Globe

Barça simply beat Frigoríficos del Morrazo (21-34), in a match during which didn’t acknowledge the casualties of the French internationals Dika Mem and Timothey N´Guessanpeople who Antonio Carlos Ortega had left in Barcelona.




morrazo fridges

Javi Díaz, Vilanova, Aizen (1), Santi López (1), Alberto Martín (3), Fodorean (4.1p) and Simes (2) -first team- Forns (ps), Brais González (3), Rubén Soliño , Dorado (2), Chaparro (1), Quintas (2), Gael (1p) and Manu Pérez (1).


Pérez de Vargas, Richardson (5), Janc (4), Fábregas (4), Thiagus Petrus, Langaro (3) and Wanne (5.2p) 3), Aleix Gomez (1), Luka Cindric (2), Makuc (2 ), Frade (2) and Pablo Urdangarin (1).


2-5, 3-9, 5-11, 7-13, 8-16, 10-19 (relaxation); 12-22, 13-25, 14-28, 16-29, 18-34 and 21-34.


Espino Guerra and Navarro Baquero. They excluded Alberto Martín from Frigoríficos, and Makuc from Barça.


El Gatañal earlier than some 1,800 spectators.

The present European champion and chief of the Asobal was a steamroller. The Frigoríficos, which additionally reserved three of its common homeowners -Juan Del Arco, Jenilson Monteiro and Martín Gayo- he barely lasted 5 minutesthe time it took his rival to take advantage of his velocity.

It went from 2-2 to 3-9 within the eleventh minute. The native coach, Nacho Moyano, referred to as a time-out, however his staff continued to get slowed down in assault, freely giving many balls that facilitated Barça’s counterattack play, which continued to develop his benefit regardless of Ortega’s rotations.

Moyano additionally gave minutes to the much less commonand within the second half he rehearsed the assault with seven gamers. It labored for him at first: his staff scored three objectives and Ortega, regardless of the calm of the scoreboard and the comfort of his gamers, requested for time-out even supposing the conflict was sentenced.

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