Djokovic presents his own wine

Djokovic presents his own wine

The tennis player Novak Djokovic launches its new brand of wine. The Serbian presented this Wednesday October 19 the wines Djokovic Chardonnay 2020 and Djokovic Syrah 2020 at the Wine & Pleasure wine shop in Serbia. It is not yet known when they will go on sale, but the act in which the class of wines that the Serbian tennis player’s brand has has already been made official.



The idea of ​​launching this wine brand began seven years ago, in 2015. Djokovic, along with his uncle Goran Djokovic, took over a vineyard in his hometown and in 2022, they will finally sell their product. In total, the number of bottles that will go on sale will be 40,000. A wine from which Goran Djokovic himself draws his chest. “We have created a great brand, but what is more important, we have a good quality wine”, assured the uncle of the tennis player for The Pavlovic Today.

Djokovic, being a relevant figure in the sport, could have problems promoting alcohol. However, Goran believes that there will be no problem in terms of wine. “Novak doesn’t promote alcohol, but wine is different. It is not a hard liquor. In fact, it appears in the bible. wine is sacred”, commented Goran Djokovic.

The price of the bottles will range between 30 and 35 euros. Novak adds to his heritage a new business to which his chain of restaurants should be added. The Serbian owns the ‘Novak Cafe and Restaurant‘, a restaurant in which who knows if you will be able to find this new brand of wine that you have to your credit.

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