ASOBAL Handball League: Goalkeeper Grbavac provides victory to Cuenca in Pamplona

ASOBAL Handball League: Goalkeeper Grbavac provides victory to Cuenca in Pamplona

REBI Handball Cuenca took two hard-fought factors at Helvetia Anaitasuna (26-27) because of a miraculous final cease by Ante Grbavac who served his staff so as to add the third consecutive victory and positioned provisionally within the second place of the ASOBAL League.

The Cathedral hosted a board assembly between two groups with related aspirations who wished to increase their good begin to the season with a victory. From the preliminary 1-2 it went to 3-2, the work of captain crash. Cuenca was letting go along with the ball, whereas the defenses had been superior to the assaults in entrance of them. Anaitasuna was six minutes with out seeing the door till Pinto I broke that point lapse with a protracted shot.

The Navarrese equalized the match with a aim from Elustondo earlier than Arthur put Anaitasuna forward (8-7). The guests abused the surface shot with out being rewarded.

Lidio Jimnez known as the primary useless time two down on the scoreboard to stop Quique Domnguez’s males from taking off. Nazar got here off the bench to attain three targets and showcase their physique and plasticity at launch. The equality was most and the sport was tied at 14 on the break.

The competition remained even after the break till the unique to bonano was utilized by Cuenca to open a spot. The 17-22 was the utmost distinction. Grbavac was very profitable below the sticks with a share greater than 50%.

Anaitasuna’s rebellious spirit was nonetheless there and the Pozzer’s double opt-out anim and far issues. Cancio put his staff to at least one and Aitor García equalized in a single towards. The Cathedral was abuzz.

It got here with an exciting 25-26 with 4 minutes to go, however Nazar was decisive once more with 9 targets. Grbavac stopped Aitor García one on one three seconds from the top, and ensured the victory of his staff by the minimal.


26 – Helvetia Brotherhood (14+12): Bar (Tune); Xavi González (-), Edu (1), Bazán (1), Meoki (-), Pinto (2), Chocarro (3); Ganuza (1), Aitor García (4), Goi (-), Redondo (-), Arthur (9), Itoiz (-), Elustondo (3), Bonanno (-).

27 – REBI Cuenca (14+13): Grbavac; Simonet (4), Pizarro (3), Fernández (-), Pozzer (2), Teixeira (-), Guzmán (1); Mach (1), Mendes (-), Prantner (1), Moya (2), Vera (-), Pizarro (4), Nazar (9).

Partials each 5 minutes: 2-2, 5-4, 6-7, 8-7, 11-11, 14-14, (relaxation), 15-16, 17-19, 19-22, 22-22, 24-25, 26- 27

referees: Álvarez Méndez and Martín Soria Faban. They excluded Bazn, Aitor García and Arthur on the native facet and Teixeira, Nazar and twice Pozzer on the guests. Bonnano was expelled with a direct crimson card.

incidents: match comparable to the fifth day of the Sacyr Asobal League performed on the Anaitasuna pavilion in entrance of 618 spectators.

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