Agonizing triumph of Spain over Germany

Agonizing triumph of Spain over Germany

The ball limped to Germany’s pivot place, Tim Zechel. There was a shot, however the ball went in opposition to the wooden, the crossbar. Spain might already rejoice its first, and agonizing, victory within the present EHF European Championshipwhich had began with a loss in Denmark earlier this week, 39-31. At residence within the Jaen Sand Olive Tree, he knew the right way to undergo and clinch the victory, 32-31, in opposition to a rocky German workforce that had debuted dropping in opposition to Sweden 33-37.

The ‘Hispanos’ raised a 26-28 with a partial of 6-3 within the closing stretch. led Alex Dujshebayevcontributed with two worthwhile saves from opportune Gonzalo Perez de Vargaswho took over within the second half of a superb Sergey Hernandez within the first, sustaining the duel with one other impressed Andreas Wolff. He bit a sophisticated protection with Kauldi Odriozola superior. Particulars, underlined by the collective work of a workforce that gave the host the plus to endure two final minutes because of the exclusion of aitor arino by foot, the everyday reflex motion.

The World Cup in Poland and Sweden will arrive in January 2023, on the horizon of 2024 are the European and the Paris Video games. These are the related occasions, as a lot as this EHF Euro Cup is official, though when handball trains collide like Spaniards and Teutons, the pleasant time period doesn’t exist.

There was struggle of partitions within the preliminary thirty minutes (13-13), he ran the ball extra within the second attributable to bodily and emotional exhaustion. Plenty of stage inside an equality that was damaged by centimeters with that final Teutonic crossbar.

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Ángel Fernández, with the president of the Spanish Federation, Francisco Blázquez, who presented him with the 100th shirt

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The Spanish coach, Jordi Ribera, pensive during the match against Denmark

That there was a battle was introduced without delay. 5 exclusions, 4 Germans and one Spanish, solely 26 targets (13-13), which had been ten (10-10) after 1 / 4 of an hour of the match, present the defensive utility within the first half. The 6:0 from the rearguard had been used totally, with some Hispanic 5:1 with Alex Dujshebayev within the superior when the rival was punished with a two-minute penalty, and each goalkeepers responded, Sergey Hernandez and Andreas Wolff.

Extra work than artwork. As most distinction, a +2 from Germany with 8-10, within the nineteenth minute. The native workforce responded with a partial 3-0 (11-10), due to some recoveries that allowed them to run on the counterattack. It might have been a 4-0, however Aleix Gómez crashed into Wolf after hitting the earlier two seven meters.

Plenty of equality, precisely what the rating indicated: 13-13. Germany got here out very nicely after eight minutes in opposition to two in inferiority. He kneaded the ball in entrance and adjusted the wall behind. Knowledge Bundesliga.

On a person stage, the targets, particularly with worthwhile assist from his teammates and the three targets from Dani Dujshebaev, a document that additionally they reached Adria FiguerasJohannes Golla and Kai Hafnerwhich later rounded off an excellent efficiency reaching 9 factors.

The depth was maintained after the restart, though with a higher want to run, to look sooner in direction of the aim. There was one other interval of defensive relaxation that allowed a partial 19-18 in a second half through which once more the utmost benefits, this time for each, had been two targets.

With Germany 26-28, Jordi Ribera’s workforce discovered a treatment by aiding with fluency within the six meters to Adria Figueras, who scored a complete of eight targets. A rush of native satisfaction, with a partial 4-1 (30-29), heated up the environment. Sufficient for Spain to take a psychological initiative that was rewarded. With the assistance of wooden, however every thing counts when there’s a lot steadiness. One other consequence, extra favorable to the Germans, wouldn’t have been unfair both.

Spain provides two factors, the Teutons stay at zero. This Sunday, a duel between Sweden and Denmark to take the lead on this four-way match. The very best three of the final European and the host of 2024, Germany.

Knowledge sheet

Spain-Germany: 32-31

Spain: Sergey Hernández (Gonzalo), Maqueda (1), Gedeón Guardiola (1), Marchán, Dani Dujshebaev (3), Odriozola (2), Ángel Fernández -initial team-, Sánchez-Migallón, Alex Dujshebaev (2), Figueras (8 ), Cañellas (2), Casado, Aleix Gómez (7, 6p), Ariño (3) and Tarrafeta (3)
Germany: Wolff (Klimpke), Golla (6), Zerbe (3), Weber (2), Häfner (9), Mertens (1), Witzke (1) -initial team-, Knorr (4), Köster (1), Groetzki , Schiller (4p), Semper, Ernst, Steinert, and Zachel
Referees: Karim Gasmi and Raofu Gasmi (France)
Exclusions: Sánchez-Migallón (2) and Ariño / Golla, Häfner, Witzke (2) and Mertens
Highlighter pen: 1-1, 3-3, 5-5, 9-10, 11-11, 13-13 (relaxation), 17-15, 19-19, 23-24, 26-27, 30-29 and 32-31 (closing)
Incidents: Match of the second day of the EHF Euro Cup, on the Olivo Enviornment in Jaén, with 5,000 spectators

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