Actual Madrid: You possibly can whistle

Actual Madrid: You possibly can whistle

Within the MARCA newsroom, not a day goes by with out listening to it. Of ‘And tomorrow Europa League‘we’ve got handed the’you possibly can whistle‘, a phrase abused by the author, half jokingly half critically. And over right here they snort. However I’m not with out motive. There’s controversy. It may be whistled. There’s hand. It may be whistled. There’s a penalty. It may be whistled. Right this moment the whole lot may be whistled. And that is what the referees conceal behind. that the hand of A

sensio are you able to whistle? Certain, and it pit.

The ball touches Marco’s hand, true. The ball hits Marco’s chest first, true. Then in hand. and you’ll whistle

. That the ball doesn’t go to the goalkeeper, proper. That Asensio occupies an area, true.

What’s hand, effectively sure… or no. Not even the referees know, let’s not idiot ourselves

. For footballers and followers to know.

Between grey arms and penalties we stroll, between actions in gradual movement when soccer is the alternative

. See that soccer was straightforward to grasp. Lastly, what

Actual Madrid prick

. By the hand of Asensio, sure. But in addition for

Gazzaniga’s hand

to shot of the Balearic shortly after the 1-0, the one that doesn’t seem within the summaries. The opposite, in the meantime, continues to open newscasts and we see it repeated even within the soup.

Madrid additionally tied for enjoying with the handbrake on

. That there’s a World Cup, however there are nonetheless nights out. In soccer immediately you possibly can’t measure efforts since you pay for it.

In that this recreation has not modified, fortunately

Which is comprehensible considering of Qatar, however your self, the match is already getting out of hand.


i completed sunday

placing a tweet

with a video of the controversial motion and a really direct phrase, to the chin of the arbitral school:

“Definition of no hand that they clarify to us originally of the season. Unbelievable that immediately I do know…”

And what do the referees say? As a result of it’s assumed that they may also say that the referee should be notified

when there’s a penalty just like the one on Friday in Mallorca, the one from Brian Olivn to ngel. Penalty, no. penalty kick

. And the VAR had already closed.

Since you’re not alleged to expel a footballer with the rattling gradual movement

. As you go up As you go up

Gabriel Vega

from Almera.

how is that this soccer

between ‘VARes’ that open and plate once they really feel prefer it, little penalties and grey arms.

Fingers up it is a holdup

. Please, do not kidnap soccer. Do not allow them to shoot you, but when they hit you within the hand, , you possibly can blow the whistle.

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