RDT stays because Rayo cannot register it on time!

RDT stays because Rayo cannot register it on time!

The words surreal or grotesque fall short to define what Espanyolism has experienced this Thursday. The Catalan club rushed the deadline to register the signings until midnight, keeping an overwhelmed crowd on edge until the last breath of a day of heart attack that ended in disappointment.

Raúl de Tomás was about to sign for Rayo Vallecano at the limit, over the bell, and although an agreement was reached for his transfer to the Vallecas club, the documentation did not arrive at the LaLiga headquarters on time as the deadline was exceeded. midnight limit.

Apparently, the papers did not arrive within the stipulated period nor did they meet the required requirements, so the operation could not be carried out. Thus, things were frustrated in extremis when he passed to Rayo and RDT must continue wearing blue and white, a capital ‘hot potato’, since the top scorer has already shown that he did not want to continue playing at the RCDE Stadium. And it should be seen how it fits into Diego Martínez’s plans.

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neither central nor extreme

In addition, the fact that the possible departure of De Tomás extended beyond the time limit of the summer window, caused Espanyol no longer to have effective time to be able to tie up any of the reinforcements that they had agreed upon in the absence of specifying the departure of the top scorer With winger Luis Rioja ruled out by not lowering Alavés’ economic claims (4 million), Espanyol focused all its efforts on hiring a central defender. There was talk of Víctor Laguardia (Alavés) and Kouyaté (Metz), but in the end no one came since the RDT soap opera caused Espanyol to no longer have room to maneuver to contract.

Braithwaite, the only joy of the day

Thus, the grotesque last day of the market closed with a single signing, that of former Barça player Martin Braithwaite, who signs for three seasons. He became Espanyol’s ninth and final signing in a forgettable, disappointing summer market.

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