Lawrence Brown, from Georgia in Georgia

Lawrence Brown, from Georgia in Georgia

i feel fantastic”. Something hidden until now after the noise that his nationalization unleashed, Lorenzo Brown appeared alongside Sergio Scariolo at the Tblisi Arena press conference as the most outstanding player in the Spain’s debut in the Eurobasket: 17 points, with a percentage of 60% success in shots of two and three, and five assists. A player who since the preparation, especially in Lithuania, has revealed himself as essential for the group, and who does many things well. There is complicity between the coach and the new Maccabi point guard, whom his teammates have integrated very quickly. “They are fantastic”, says Brown, for which his position partner, Alberto Díaz, worries and cheers during the game.

This Thursday was not just any game for Brown. It was his debut in a big tournament. For this reason, and although it was not the best time for his family, he notified them of the corresponding links so that they could follow him live on the Internet. “I made sure they saw it”, he said between the smiles of Scariolo. Because in Georgia (United States) it was 7:30 am when Spain played in Tblisi (Georgia). “In the next match, their relatives will have more luck,” said Scariolo, aware that, against Georgia, the National Team will play at 9:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. in the other Georgia.

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