Benicarló improves the soccer subject with €100,000

Benicarló improves the soccer subject with €100,000

The Benicarló Metropolis Council concludes the advance of the Àngel Pichi Alonso municipal soccer subject after investing round 100,000 euros. The mayor, Xaro Miralles, the mayor of Sports activities, Fernando Jovaní, and the social gathering queen, Paula Maluenda, made the reopening of the services official, coinciding with the match between CD Benicarló and CF Alcalà.

The primary mayor remarked that “it was a obligatory motion to have a venue in good situation, particularly in services that aren’t solely utilized by the primary staff gamers, but in addition welcome a whole lot of youngsters from the Benicarló Fútbol Base college every day.”

Probably the most excellent work has been the substitute of the 600 m² of the roof of the primary stand, carried out by an accepted firm, at a price of fifty,000 euros.

The reform included the difference of the area of the stands, with the renovation of 1,000 seats. Alternatively, the benches for the groups have been modified and, lastly, they repainted the areas of the primary stand, perimeter stands and the bar. Jovaní introduced that they intend to switch the general public tackle system.

Of the entire value, 85,000 euros have been instantly and 15,000 not directly, by means of minor works carried out throughout the caretaker’s contract.

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