Barça, sole chief of the Champions League after a loopy ending

Barça, sole chief of the Champions League after a loopy ending

The Barca already leads Group B of the Champions League. The champion of the final two editions is the one one who counts the three days for victories, because it occurs in Group A with the Veszprem Hungarian. The one undefeated in a contest that boasted the equality that’s going down within the matches.

There was additionally it within the duel between Barça and the Slovenian Celje Pivovarna Lasko. The rating, 38-30, doesn’t mirror the difficulties that the group of Anthony Ortegasure, his arreón within the final quarter of an hour, with a partial 12-3 from the rival’s dominance by 26-27.

Serbian coach toski in german he’ll remorse calling a time-out at 27-27, on the sweetest second for his younger and gifted gamers, who make up a squad averaging 23 years of age. Carlos Ortega had already exhausted one beforehand making an attempt to cease a foul begin to the second half, which had destroyed the work of the primary (19-15 at halftime).

Celje’s pause helped to reorder the concepts of a disoriented Barça. He knew the Slovenian hazard as a result of he had made warfare in Aalborg and had knocked down the I prefer ithowever he had charmed himself considerably on the restart. And her nerves flared.

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That lifeless time transformed them into rage, effectively dosed by the pure chief, Dika Mem, who scored 10 objectives, the essential ones. The protection, with Thiagus Petrus and Jonathan Carlsbogard within the middle, intensified, placing the icing on the cake by Emil Nielsen, who took over from Gonzalo as a shock in the course of the disaster.

Barça raised the extent lots, an excessive amount of for an exhausted Celje. There was no mercy, the Blaugrana didn’t cease till they knocked out an enemy who had offered many problems.


Serbian coach of Rk Celje Alem Toskic

Quique Garcia / EFE

Very quick sport, with two groups which might be in sixth place. Barça dominated by 5 (9-4 and 19-14) twice within the first half. He additionally did it at 21-16 open the second, earlier than falling right into a treacherous consolation from which he obtained out in time. With melvyn richardson within the central place, staying on the bench Luka Cindric and Domen Makucwho had beforehand given minutes to blaz janconce more leaving the skin to direct a number of moments within the conflict towards his compatriots, his little brother Mitja, who’s a pure central defender.


Brothers Mitja and Blaz Janc

Quique Garcia / EFE

Information sheet

Barça-Celje: 38-30

Barca: Gonzalo (Nielsen), Dika Mem (10), Wanne (7), Blaz Janc (1), N’Guessan (3), Cindric (1), Fàbregas (3) -initial team-, Carlsbogard (1), Ariño, Aleix Gómez (4, 1p), Thiagus Petrus (1), Makuc, Richardson (3), Langaro (3) and Frade (1)
Objectives: Belkaied (Gabersek), Strmljan (1), Mazej (3), Marguc (6, 1p), Ivankovic (7), Vlah (6, 1p), Suholeznik (2) -initial team-, Knez, Antonijevic, Mitja Janc ( 1), Muhovic, Zabic (2), Mlakar (1) and Martinovic (1)
Referees: Kursad Erdogan and Ibrahim Ozdeniz (Turkey)
Exclusions: Dika Mem, Janc and Wanne / Ivankovic, Suholeznik, Zabic, Mlakar. Purple disqualifying Mazej
Highlighter pen: 4-2, 9-4, 11-8, 14-11, 15-13, 19-15 (relaxation), 22-19, 24-23, 26-26, 30-27, 34-28 and 38-30 (closing)
Incidents: Third day of Group B of the Champions League, on the Palau Blaugrana (1,508 spectators)

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