A court in Madrid sends the Clean Hands complaint against Rubiales and Piqué to Majadahonda

A court in Madrid sends the Clean Hands complaint against Rubiales and Piqué to Majadahonda

A Madrid judge has sent the Clean Hands complaint against the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, and against the Barcelona Football Club player and owner of the Kosmos Global Holding company, to a Majadahonda judge. Gerard Hammered, by presumed irregularities in the management of the Federation.

The magistrate has done so so that it is combined with the one presented in May –for the same facts– by the leader of the National Training Center for Football Coaches (CENAFE), Miguel Ángel Galán, according to a 29-page order August, to which Europa Press has had access, in which it is agreed to open preliminary proceedings and send the case to the Investigating Court Number 4 of Majadahonda.

It was in June when the Majadahonda judge indicated that the facts denounced they had ‘the characteristics of a presumed crime of unfair administration and corruption in business’ and opened preliminary proceedings, since ‘the nature and circumstances of such events or the people who have participated in them have not been determined’.

Anti-corruption is inhibited

On that occasion, the magistrate forwarded the proceedings to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office to be informed as to whether or not the court was competent to continue with the investigation, since said Specialized Prosecutor’s Office opened proceedings in May for alleged irregularities in the management of Rubiales by in front of the RFEF.

Fiscal sources consulted by Europa Press have indicated that finally the case will continue in the Majadahonda Court. In this sense, They have specified that everything that has been done in the Public Ministry will be sent to the judge, since, as it should be remembered, at the end of May Anticorruption took a statement as a witness from Juan Rubiales, uncle of the president of the Federation and who was its director of cabinet.

The Complaint

Clean Hands, in the 16-page brief to which Europa Press had access, indicated that it was taking legal action for the alleged commission of ongoing crimes of corruption between individuals, unfair administration and false documents.

In his argument, he reviewed the information published by El Confidencial in which it is ensured that Rubiales would have rejected a “more advantageous” agreement with Qatar but without “the 24 million for Piqué” and that he would also have profited from the sale to Saudi Arabia from a sponsorship of the Spanish National Team.

Likewise, he reviewed the publications in which it is collected that Rubiales would have paid for a ‘pleasure trip’ to New York with money from the Football Federation. ‘The trip would have taken place between October 31 and November 4, 2018, just five months after becoming president of the federal entity’stated the complaint.

The union, led by Miguel Bernad, highlighted the news in which it is said that Rubiales would have received aid from the RFEF to pay the rent of a ‘luxury’ home in Madrid ‘without having the right to it’, because it was registered in the capital Spanish. Specifically, it is an income of 3,100 euros per month that the Federation itself had to pay.

‘The payment of housing with money from the RFEF, which receives public funds from State Lotteries and Bets and the Higher Sports Council up to 17 million euros a year, can have criminal consequences, since the Federation, although it allowed its president to enjoy financial aid for housing, it was essential that he had his domicile outside of Madrid,’ the union specified in the letter.

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