Zizur Mayor pays tribute to its European champions Asier Martínez and Josu Arzoz, who will be protagonists at parties

Zizur Mayor pays tribute to its European champions Asier Martínez and Josu Arzoz, who will be protagonists at parties

elder zizur paid tribute to two of its neighbors who have managed to become European champions in recent weeks: the athlete asier martinez in the 110 hurdles and the handball player Joshua Arzoz with the Spanish youth team. Crowds of neighbors surrounded the young athletes in an act at the Town Hall in which the mayor of the town, Jon Gondán, announced that both will launch the chupinazo of the festivities on September 14.

After writing a few words in the signature book of Zizur Mayor at an exclusive reception with the municipal corporation, the athletes went down to the square where their neighbors were waiting for them to applause. Gondan thanked them for “carrying the name of Zizur Mayor far from our borders” which is “a pride” for the entire town. In his intervention the great surprise of midday was still missing.

The chupinazo proposal

It is then that he proposed to Martínez and Arzoz, in front of the entire square, to launch the chupinazo of the festivities on September 14. They did not hesitate in the answer. Josu answered with a resounding yes, as did Asier, if his schedule allows it. They will be on the balcony lighting the fuse.

“There is not much left to say, everything has been said. Thank you all for coming. For me, local support is very important, it really is the most identitarian, ”said Asier Martínez, who apologized for his clothing since he came from training.

Josu Arzoz, who shared the European success with his Navarrese teammate Xavier González, stated: “When I was playing for Europe, all the support from here was appreciated”. And he encouraged all the kids gathered in the square to play handball.

Later, to questions from the press, the hurdler commented: “Seeing how your surroundings feel this way about this success means a lot to me. They are the ones who appreciate the most because they are in the day to day”. Along the same lines, the player from Anaitasuna acknowledged: “Seeing all the love from the people is an honor for me. There are only words of thanks.”

The two zizurtarras took advantage of the event to promote their respective sports. “Handball is a very beautiful sport and many more people could practice it. I would like more kids to start playing”, said Josu Arzoz.

While Asier Martínez pointed out: “We have to advertise our sport. They are minority sports that need the support of the population”. Although he warned: “I notice that both are very hard.”

Almost two weeks of their successes

Josu Arzoz was crowned European champion on August 14 and Asier Martínez made history with his gold three days later. Almost two weeks have passed now, but they still have a hard time getting used to their successes.

“The first few days I almost didn’t believe it. As the days went by, ”Arzoz said of his title with the Hispanic Youth. They beat Sweden 32-34 in the final in Podgorica (Montenegro). In addition, the Navarrese Xavier González was chosen as the best right winger.

“I subscribe to your words. It is difficult to assimilate what has been achieved from one day to the next because there is a lot of work behind it and success is more ephemeral”, admitted the Nike Running athlete.

Both Josu and Asier, who did not know each other personally until yesterday, spent more than fifteen minutes attending to the neighbors, especially the little ones. Anyone who wanted a photo or autograph with the European champions took it home. If everything goes according to plan, the two zizurtarras athletes will meet in the same place on September 14 to throw the party chupinazo.

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